Opening The Microphone Locker
Access Slate Digital's Virtual Microphone System with the ML-1
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The Sound of Shoreditch
Slate Digital announce their Strongroom London expansion pack
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Punch Up Low-End
Infinity Bass helps extend the bass of any track or mix-bus
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Focus Your Sound
Bring any track or mix to the forefront with Slate Digital's Transient Shaper
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Founded in 2010 and based in California, Slate Digital's goal is to empower music producers to create truly great-sounding music, whatever their experience level. Slate boast a stunning selection of software for modern studio recording, from modelling plugs for emulating vintage outboard equipment to cutting edge tools for adding dynamic processing, vocal tuning and saturation to any mix.

Slate's product line-up also includes the Virtual Microphone System (VMS), a hybrid system incorporating two transparent condenser microphones and a wide range of modelling plugins to recreate the tone of countless classic microphones at a fraction of their physical cost.

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