Meet Harvey
DSpecialists range of ultra-flexible DSP interfaces arrives in the UK
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Think Smart: Delta
Featuring 16 individually cleaned power outlets for installation piece of mind
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Swivel & Pivot
Audix's newest short-gun ceiling microphone for commercial installations can do both
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Triangle Present LCR7
Triangle's latest in-wall speaker is hugely versatile for home audio and theatre applications
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Triangle Sound in Every Room
EMT7 features easy installation and discrete aesthetics to match almost any surroundings
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SCV are proud distributors of industry-leading installation microphones along with in-wall and ceiling speakers, intuitively designed for discrete home listening.

Our Audix range of installed sound products spans microphones suited to both corporate and installation settings, while Triangle's Secret speaker range boasts a multitude of mountable drivers to build the perfect home theatre or music system.

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Call 03301 222 500 or drop us a line for more information on SCV or any of our distributed brands.