Slate Digital Submerge Side Chain Plug In
Submerge automatic side chain dynamics plugin from Slate Digital
Slate Digital Submerge Side Chain Plug In

Slate present an automatic sidechain tool adding a touch of modern magic to classic production techniques. Submerge can be used to create unique duck and push effects with subtle to extreme results.

£49.00 inc VAT

  • Automatic sidechaining plugin
  • Duck/pump EDM and hip-hop style effects
  • 3x trigger modes (auto sync, MIDI and audio)
  • 8x effect types for sound transformation
  • Morph, Depth and Tweak controls
  • A/B mode for comparing setting groups

Submerge is a flexible sound design tool loaded with 3 different trigger modes, 8 effect types and customisable control curves allowing producers and engineers to "pump tracks with precision."

Triggers may be activated via automated sync, MIDI, or audio triggers to create the duck/pump sidechain effect popularised by EDM and modern hiphop. By utilising Submerge's 8 built-in custom effects, users can break out of subtle dynamics to evoke more extreme attention grabbing sensations in their music.

By holding shift during curve selection, Submerge makes it possible to invert the default duck behaviour creating a push or 'pump' effect in its place.

The Submerge side-chaining plug in from Slate Digital

Authorisation iLok Cloud/USB
Architecture 64-bit
Format VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
Min Hardware Silicon, Intel or AMD + 4GB Ram
Platform macOS (10.15+), Windows (10/11)