Slate Announce Winter Sale

This March Slate Digital are shaking off the seasonal blues with an unmissable Winter Sale. Fans of recording microphones and innovative software modelling alike can now bag an incredible bargain for their studio lockers.

ML-1 Winter Bundle

Until 31st March 2024, Slate Digital are bundling their ML-1 large diaphragm condenser modelling microphone with no fewer than 18 legendary microphone modelling plugins, plus two preamp emulators.

Slate Digital's ML1 Winter Bundle - available for a limited time

Included in the bundle are the Classic Tubes 1 & 2 expansions featuring 8 unique microphone models, the Classic Tubes 3 Expansion comprised of 5 emulations and even the brand new Strongroom London Expansion featuring some of the industries most coveted recording models from 414s to 4038s.

Slate Digital's Classic Tubes 3 Expansion bundle (included)

To complete the set, Slate Digital are including their FG-73 and FG-76 Virtual Mix Rack modules to deliver just the right dose of dark British 70s console or warm German tube tonality respectively.

Slate Digital's FG-73 and FG-76 preamp emulations

With a market value of over £1200 – UK customers will be delighted to hear they can pick up the limited edition Slate Digital ML-1 modelling microphone bundle for just £599 from authorised dealers. Whether you're recording vocals, podcasting, adding a voiceover or positioning mics for a full band recording, Slate Digital's ML-1 has a microphone model to achieve the best capture every time.

Strongroom Winter Promotion

Since its release in November of 2023, the Strongroom Expansion pack of microphone modelling plugins has quickly established an enormous fanbase, hitting the mark for instruments and vocals alike with its unique curation of classic microphones, from well-known German solidstate condensers to BBC-inspired ribbons.

Strongroom London expansion from Slate Digital

For the same promotional period as their ML-1 bundle, UK customers can pick up the Strongroom bundle at a remarkable 50% discount at £99.

Sale Ends 31st March

For further information on pricing, availability and Slate Digital in the UK, contact our pro audio sales team.

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