Save On Slate Digital ML-1 This May

This May 2024, Slate Digital introduce an incredible flash sale on their ML-1 virtual microphone system. For studios both commercial and project, the celebrated large diaphragm condenser packed with multiple emulations just became a whole lot more attainable...

ML-1 from Slate Digital - grab an amazing deal this May 2024!

About the ML-1 Virtual Microphone System

For those who haven't yet been acquainted, the ML-1 is an ultra-linear condenser microphone designed to capture vocals, instruments and room sources with exquisite accuracy. The ML-1's neutral sonics make it perfect blank canvas for accommodating Slate Digital's wide-ranging emulations of vintage microphones.

Every ML-1 ships with the following strategically named model emulations, ready to register right out of the box:

  • FG-47
  • FG-M7
  • FG-800
  • FG-251
  • FG-800M
  • FG-269
  • FG-12
  • FG-67
Emulations included with Slate Digital's VMS ML-1 model

Whilst achieving near-unlimited sonic possibilities, using microphone emulation over 'destructive' audio capture methods also allows for hugely improved flexibility when it comes to mixdown. If a vocal or guitar line isn't sitting right in a session, the microphone can be changed in just a few clicks with no need for a second take.

May 2024 Flash Sale

From the 1st of May the VMS ML-1 including all of its bundled emulations will be available from authorised retailers for the amazing price of £799 £499!

For further information on ML-1 or to find your nearest retailer head to our product page or reach out via our pro audio sales contact form.

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