Slate Digital MetaPitch Pitch Shifting Plug In

Slate Digital present a multi-talented pitch-shifting plugin, ably serving up key pitch manipulation and vocal production functions all in one streamlined package. Compatible with all major DAW platforms, MetaPitch allows producers and artists to truly 'Shift Your Sound.'

£199.00 inc VAT

  • Pitch and formant shifting plugin
  • Built-in high/low-pass filters
  • Drive knob for saturation control
  • Widener stereo width mix attenuator
  • Group instance multi-channel control
  • Robot mode for vocoder-style effect
  • Low Latency mode for real-time tracking response

MetaPitch is an intuitive plugin tool for easily shifting vocals and instruments. Thanks to its powerful low latency mode, audible tracking delays can be easily reduced with the flip of a switch to avoid distraction to performers during recording.

Inheriting revered technology from Slate Digital's MetaTune plug, MetaPitch also offers grouped-instance processing, enabling users to seamlessly apply shared parameters across multiple tracks in tandem.

Robot Mode
MetaPitch's Robot, widener and driver controls

For classic vocoder sounds, simply draw in a custom melody using your favourite MIDI controller to achieve the desired level of robotic influence.

Drive & Width
Switchable low latency for delay-free tracking

With MetaPitch's drive and widener controls warmth, colour and dimension can be quickly injected into vocals and instruments for great results.

The MetaPitch pitchshifting plugin from Slate Digital

Authorisation iLok Cloud/USB
Architecture 64-bit
Format VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
Min Hardware Silicon, Intel or AMD + 4GB Ram
Platform macOS (10.15+), Windows (10/11)