Inifinity Bass sculpting plugin from Slate Digital
Slate Digital's Infinity Bass plugin in Dual Mode
Slate Digital Infinity Bass Sculpting Plug In

Slate Digital's Infinity Bass plugin helps punch up the low-end of any track or mix bus, serving as an exciter, dual-band subharmonic synth, clean sub generator and all-pass filter all in one!

£149.00 inc VAT

  • 4-way mode selection: Punchy, Warm, Deep, Phased
  • Visualizer shows live processing in realtime
  • Amount knob controls dose of effect being applied
  • Frequency knob sets range for subharmonic processing
  • Character knob switches sound flavours depending on mode selection
  • Listen mode button for isolating affected signal

Infinity Bass from Slate Digital is the ultimate bass-sculpting utility making low-end frequency processing a breeze. Four distinct modes are available to craft audio tracks in different ways.

Punchy is Infinity Bass's exciter mode for injecting additional transient presence, while Warm mode is a dual-band subharmonic synth section for octave-style effects which add three dimensional depth and colour to bass tracks. Deep mode is on-hand for clean sub bass generation to add even lower depth to any track while Phased is Infinity Bass's all-pass filter perfect for boosting underwhelmed frequencies in the lower end of a mix.

Character Control
Infinity Bass's Character control

Asides from the four profile modes, Infinity Bass also features additional colour control with the Character setting. Decay, dynamics and saturation can all be adjusted to open up even more sound sculpting possibilities.

Listen Mode
Listen Mode for auditioning wet-only signal

For even more surgical manipulation of low end signals, Infinity Bass's Listen mode allows users to isolate only the affected or 'wet' signal to make more informed processing decisions outside of the larger mix.

Slate Digital present the ultimate low-end frequency sculpting plugin

Platform Mac (macOS 11+), Windows (10+)
Architecture 64-bit
Format VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
Min Hardware Intel, AMD, Apple Silicon (4GB RAM)