Slate Digital Transient Shaper plug in
Angled virtual view of the Transient Shaper plug in module
Slate Digital Transient Shaper Plug In

Transient Shaper is the latest addition to Slate Digital’s Virtual Mix Rack plug-in suite and features the awesome power to shape and accentuate desired sonic highlights from any recorded track.

£149.00 inc VAT

  • Intelligent sound sculptor plugin
  • Top module for gain and saturation control
  • Central module scopes the impact of transient tails
  • Focus sliders for precise frequency filtering
  • Stereo linkable for sidechain detection
  • Safety clip function for gain staging
  • Makeup control for effective signal boosting
  • Blend wet/dry signals with Mix control

Injecting energy into a mix effectively can often be an illusive task. Honing in on the most impactful elements of a track to make them shine and blend with the overall vibe of a session requires a tool with powerful sound-sculpting abilities. With the introduction of their Transient Shaper plug, Slate Digital have achieved just that tool.

The Transient Shaper’s interface is designed for streamlined and highly-efficient workflows with three main modular sections. With a concise array of controls, incredibly detailed transient shaping can be displayed with relatively simple tweaks.

Transient Section
Slate Digital's top section dealing with transient presence

The Transient Shaper’s top module is armed with dual controls for gain and warmth so that users can quickly find the perfect balance of saturation and distortion. Intuitive level meters and a saturation LED are also on hand for easy signal monitoring.

Tail Section
Transient Shaper's middle Sustain / Tail section

Between the two top sections, Focus sliders are available to zero in on the desired frequency range. Transient Shaper’s Sustain control works in a similarly surgical way, but with a specific focus on the tail of the transient.

Lower Section
Transient Shaper's lower / advanced section

Perhaps the most advanced module of Transient Shaper’s control array, the lower module includes a Make Up control for signal boost, Mix for wet/dry balancing and a host of other useful controls including stereo linking and a safety clip function.

Transient Shaper sculptor plugin from Slate Digital

Platform Mac (macOS 19.15+), PC (Windows 10 or 11)
Bit Depth 64-bit
Format AAX, AU, VST2, VST3
Authorisation iLok
Min Hardware Intel Core 2 Duo+, 4GB RAM