SCV Present Blue Horizon

Today SCV are delighted to announce a new partnership with audiophile accessory manufacturer Blue Horizon. Based in Winchester UK, Blue Horizon's portfolio spans from phono amplifiers to acoustic isolation mods and innovative cable burn-in solutions.

Sound-Enhancing Accessories

Founded in 2008 by Keith Martin of IsoTek Systems, Blue Horizon's humble mission is to enable audiophiles to achieve even greater levels of performance from their HiFi systems.

By drawing on 100+ years of combined audio industry experience, Blue Horizon's award-winning team have succeeded in crafting a range of professional-grade tools with class-leading performance that truly elevates home audio systems to exciting new heights.

For Vinylists

The resurgence of vinyl and a burgeoning love for analogue in recent years has inspired some of Blue Horizon's most popular innovations including a dual-layer design Promat record mat, the RIAA Filter that enables CD players to burn-in phono stages without turntable wear-and-tear, and finally the Profono for incredible phono-stage amplification performance at a price point no-one would expect.

RIAA Filter, Promat and Profono from Blue Horizon

For Cablists

Cable burn-in has long been a tricky feat to effectively achieve, but thanks to the Blue Horizon Proburn burn-in accelerator tool audiophiles can now put cables through a life-time of burn-in within just 48 hours. Proburn hits frequencies and intensities out of reach for most musical material in order to give cables a full work out, effectively neutralising negative charges and doing away with static issues in a flash.

Proburn cable burn-in tool and Clean-IT contact solution

To keep contact surfaces operating at their best, Blue Horizon also offer the Clean-IT contact cleaner to remove oxidised imperfections and contaminants from audio connectors.

For Resonators

Blue Horizon's popular Spike Shoe Mk II and Spike Shoe Extreme decoupling tools help to remove resonance and soundstage mudiness from spiked components and floor-standing HiFi speakers. For record decks and other non-spiked components, the Sanctum isolating platform is also available with spike shoe technology built-in.

Blue Horizon's Spike Shoe Mk2, Sanctum and Spike Shoe Extreme

Now Available in the UK

Blue Horizon is now available via UK distributors SCV. For pricing and availability on all Blue Horizon audiophile accessory products contact our Home Audio team.

Blue Horizon logo

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