Blue Horizon Spike Shoe Extreme sold in sets of 4
Blue Horizon's proprietary Spike Shoe Extreme cork compound
Blue Horizon Spike Shoe Extreme

Blue Horizon present their ultimate resonance energy elimination tool for speakers and components featuring spike attachments.

£495.00 inc VAT

  • Precision machined solid stainless steel shell
  • Built with hardened ball bearings
  • Internal Resonance Deadening Compound (RDC)
  • Compatible with any loudspeaker/component with spikes
  • Sold in sets of 4

Spike Shoe Extreme is a multi resonance diffuser designed to accommodate the spikes of floor-standing HiFi speakers or speaker stands. Energy is transferred through a minimal point of contact where vibrations are neutralised within the device thanks to a unique compound that ably covers the elasticity spectrum.

Precision machined steel has been chosen for the outer casing for its high tensile strength and durability. Its unique three-dimensional form has been purposefully designed to incoming vibrations like an inverted bell, cutting resonance time short with as much neutrality as possible.

When applied to each speaker or stand spike, micro dynamics see a huge improvement, with bass articulation extended and overall soundstages flourishing. Spike Shoe Extremes are sold as sets of four and can hold up to 100kg in weight-load.

Max Load 100kg
Size 55mm diameter, 20mm height