Blue Horizon Promat Record Mat

Blue Horizon's Promat is a high-performance record mat featuring a dual layer design to easily accommodate different thicknesses of vinyl.

£80.00 inc VAT
EAN 5060296410711

  • High-performance record mat
  • Unique composite of rubber, cork and leather
  • Suppresses resonance generated during playback
  • Easy adapting of different record thicknesses via dual-layer design

Record matts perform a crucial and often understated role in the realm of vinyl playback. Promat offers effortless coupling between vinyl and deck,  ensuring that every detail from every groove is delivered with optimum clarity.

Thanks to its dual-layer design, the Promat easily adjusts for different record thicknesses without the necessity of constantly altering the height of the tonearm.

During playback, the Promat ensures greater resolution and focus from the turntable, improving bass definition and suppressing resonance.

Blue Horizon Promat's dual-layer design