Blue Horizon Proburn Cable Burn In Machine

Prepare high-quality audio and video cables for the performance of a lifetime with Blue Horizon's ProBurn cable burn-in tool.

£895.00 inc VAT
EAN 5060296410742

  • Dramatically reduces burn-in time to within 48 hours
  • More effective at optimising cable performance than music signals alone
  • Generates specific ultra-low/high frequencies to optimise performance
  • Produces 10,000x the upper frequency limit of a typical CD player
  • Keeps cables performing at their best with regular use

With ProBurn, Blue Horizon set out to tackle one of the most notorious issues in home audio. Even at the highest-quality, audio cables tend to perform with a hard, closed-in sound when plugged in fresh from their box. The listening profile often feels two dimensional, with a distinct lack of bass and an overall sterile feel.

By preparing cables with the ProBurn cable-burner, home audio enthusiasts can deliver a life-time of burn in to achieve peak performance within 48 hours. ProBurn reaches upper frequencies ten-thousand times the value of most CD players, achieving an elastic result ordinarily unreachable with regular playback.

Following the burn-in process, cables experience more clarity, more three-dimensional performance and an overall more natural sound. To neutralise any negative charges or static problems after burn-in, Blue Horizon also recommend conditioning for around 24 hours every 6-8 weeks to keep cables continuing performance at their very peak.

The Proburn cable burn-in machine tool from Blue Horizon

Housing Solid Aluminium & Perspex
Outlets 4x speaker terminal pairs, 2x RCA pairs, 1x XLR pair
Frequency Range 47-63Hz
Current RMS 300mA (max)
Dimensions 170 x 70 x 105mm, 1kg