Clean-IT Contact Cleaner

Blue Horizon present the essential accessory for any high-end audiophile, ensuring contact surfaces between treasured components perform at their best!

£22.00 inc VAT
EAN 5060296410704

  • Removes contaminants between sockets and connectors
  • Stabilises metals to guarantee best contact and signal transfer
  • Safe to use on all metal surfaces
Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended

"An inexpensive and quick tweak, which does just what it claims to, cleaning up the sound by a small but significant amount"

HiFi Choice

Clean-IT is a professional cleaning fluid designed for use on electrical contacts. When applied to audio connectors, sonic performance experiences a considerable improvement thanks to the removal of oxidised artefacts and contaminants on the contact surface.

Independent tests by UK publication Hi-Fi Choice even found that contact resistance maybe reduced by up-to half compared to before a Clean-IT application.

Accessories Applicator brush, cleaning cloth (included)