SCV at Bristol HiFi Show 2024

This month the UK's largest and most iconic Hi-Fi show lands in Bristol for its 35th outing. SCV are honoured to be exhibiting in the show's ground floor 'Bristol Suite' for 2024 armed with an unmissable collection of show deals, new product releases and even an exclusive launch.

Presenting the Bristol Suite

SCV's 2024 show plan consists of three main areas exhibiting two groundbreaking hifi speaker listening experiences, as well as an area solely dedicated to the art of Head-Fi.

Room 1

Our first room will feature two identical sets of Quatuor floorstanders from Triangle's flagship Magellan 40th range, powered by Manley all-tube Steelhead preamp, Snapper power amplifiers and finally an EarMen Staccato streaming source.

Triangle Quatuors with Manley Steelhead and Snappers

Of the two speaker sets, one will be armed with IsoAcoustics GAIA I decoupling isolators while the alternate set will be fitted with standard Triangle factory spikes. At the flip of a switch, visitors will be able to compare configurations to demonstrate the remarkable difference that decoupling technology makes to any system.

Providing crystal clear power for our entire Room 1 system will be IsoTek's Super Titan and Super Nova power conditioners, connected via IsoTek Optimum and Elite cabling respectively. It's one of the most impressive rooms we've conceived in recent years, and incredible listening results can be assured.

Room 2

In our second room visitors can demonstrate Triangle's wildly popular Antal model from their 40th Anniversary range. Described by Part-Time Audiophile as the speaker that can do "everything well" these desirable floor-standers will be ably powered by Benchmark's AHB2 power amp, the DAC3L converter along with a CD transport source, all comfortably seated atop Blue Horizon's Sanctum and Pro Rack stand assemblies.

Room 2 featuring Triangle, Blue Horizon and Benchmark Media

As with our first configuration, power cleaning duties will be handled by the mains conditioning experts IsoTek, featuring Sigmas and Polaris distribution blocks for pristine clarity, distribution and protection.

Headphone Area

As always SCV will be delighted to bring the latest offerings from revered headphone powerhouse Meze Audio storming back to the Bristol HiFi Show.

From their high-end range, Meze's flagship Elite model will available to demo alongside their newly released Empyrean II planar model, closed-back Liric and dynamic open-back 109 Pro. The hugely popular 99 Classics and 99 Neos will also be on hand and show deals will be available.

109 Pro (Primal), Empyrean II and Liric from Meze Audio

Brand new 2024 headphone releases will also be available to listen to from Fostex Japan, including the open-back dynamic TH808 and TH616 models finished in dark walnut with striking wooden designs, plus the 50th Anniversary T60RP featuring unique African Padauk earcups.

Fostex T60RP Anniversary, TH808 and TH616 headphone releases

Visitors will be welcome to choose from a range of high-performance source options including the Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier, made in Chino and featuring an all-triode / push-pull switchable design, the HPA4 headphone amplifier from Benchmark New York along with their DAC3 conversion offerings and finally the full range of EarMen headphone amplification tools, from the portable Colibri and Angel all the way up to the desktop Tradutto DAC, ST-Amp and CH-Amp amplifiers. Multiple EarMen Staccato sources will also be available for streaming demonstrations.

Clean power to each demo station will be supplied by IsoTek's Aquarius conditioner and Sirius distribution blocks, along with their Sequel, Elite and Premier ranges of mains cabling.

Manley Labs, based in Chino CA

An exclusive never-before-seen release will also be landing at the Bristol show courtesy of our friends at Manley Labs in California. Details are being kept strictly secret until the weekend of the show – ask one of our staff for details.


As with previous years, SCV are delighted to welcome several key expert partners from across the globe to assist with our exhibits for 2024:

Paul Morrison of IsoAcoustics

Paul Morrison
Sales Director
IsoAcoustics, Canada

IsoTek's Bjørn Hegelstad

Bjørn Hegelstad
Product Trainer
IsoTek, Norway

JB Lierre of Manley Labs, USA

JB Lierre
Sales Director
Manley, USA

Elodie Deveau of Triangle

Elodie Deveau
Export Sales Manager
Triangle, France

Milomir "Miki" Trosic of EarMen LLC

Miki Trosic
Earmen/Auris, Serbia


Teaming up with our close retail friends – and show organisers – Audio T, SCV are delighted to offer the following stellar deals across our participating home audio brands:

Get access to amazing show discounts from IsoAcoustics, Meze Audio, EarMen, Triangle and IsoTek

Visitors can also sign up to participate in two amazing giveaways from Meze Audio and Triangle – ask SCV staff at the Bristol Suite for details.

Show Information

Bristol HiFi Show 2024

Lower Castle Street
Bristol, BS1 3AD

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February 2024 10am – 5pm

Tickets available directly from the official show site while availability lasts.

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