EarMen ST-Amp Desktop Headphone Amplifier

EarMen ST-Amp desktop headphone amp
Rear panel of EarMen's ST-Amp
EarMen ST-Amp Desktop Headphone Amplifier

Fully balanced, the ST-Amp from EarMen Audio is a desktop digital to analogue converter, headphone amplifier and preamplifier all-in-one.

£299.00 inc VAT
EAN 8606108569467

  • Integrated DAC
  • Provides up to 1.85W of power
  • Fully balanced architecture
  • Low noise and distortion values
  • 2x TPA6120 audiophile op amps
  • Balanced ALPS control for consistency
  • Aluminium chassis
  • Dedicated preamp output

Whether utilising the integrated DAC or an external audio converter, ST-Amp is capable of presenting impeccably accurate, neutral sound with excellent transparency. Boasting a dynamic range above 126 dB, super-low harmonic distortion of 0.0025% at 2V ensures that power is boosted while peak currents are lowered for clean optimised efficiency.

Built For Headphones
ST-Amp from EarMen Audio

ST-Amp features a noiseless linear power supply for perfect stability, providing power  for even the most demanding or esoteric headphones of varied impedances. Designed with headphones in mind, headphones are preemptively shielded from pops and clicks when the unit is powered on and off.

Shared Topology
Topology used in EarMen's ST-Amp amplifier

Across both balanced and SE signals, ST-Amp imposes an intelligently balanced topology to reduce phase shift, additional harmonic distortion. This ensures listening consistency and avoids any lag between the two output channels.

EarMen's ST-Amp headphone amp pictured with Meze LIRIC

Inputs RCA / 4.4 mm balanced / USB digital
Outputs 6.35mm / 4.4mm balanced
THD 0.0025% (0.003% balanced) @ 2V
Dynamic Range >117.9dB (>121dB balanced) @ 2V
Frequency Response ±0.003dB (±0.007dB balanced) @ 2V
DSD 64 / 128 DoP
DXD 384/352.5 kHz
PCM Up to 384 kHz
Dimensions 17 x 3 x 15cm, 1.1kg