Manley Labs STEELHEAD Tube RC Phono Stage

STEELHEAD tube RC phono preamp from Manley Labs
Rear input panel of the Manley STEELHEAD phono stage
STEELHEAD from Manley with included PSU
Manley Labs STEELHEAD Tube RC Phono Stage

Manley present the ultimate in phono stage preamplifiers. Sporting a clean quiet sound with bullet proof build, it can only be the Steelhead.

£11599.00 inc VAT
EAN 89083300238

  • 2x 6922 driver tubes
  • 4x 7044 output tubes
  • LINE input eliminates requirement for standalone preamp
  • VARI output for driving amps directly
  • Motorised smooth action volume control
  • ‘Remora' remote-controllable
  • Sleep button for conserving power and tube life
Stereophile Magazine

"The most thrilling phono amplification device I've heard, and not by a small margin"


Steelhead harnesses audiophile grade components throughout its design including 2x 6922 driver and 4x 7044 output tubes. Two inputs are furnished with a selectable impedance load switch from 25 up to 400 Ohms powered by Manley’s specially designed transformers or "auto-formers.” A third "1R" input bypasses the auto-formers functions with traditional resistive loading.

Capacitive loading is also selectable across all 3 phono inputs from 0 to 1100 picofarads in 10 picofarad steps. This layer of flexibility allows users to perfectly match almost any cartridge type and in turn, switching does not compromise overall sound quality or add any artefacts to the signal path.

Tweak-O-Holics Welcome

Gain is selectable from 50 all the way up to 65dB in 5dB increments. Manley have also implemented an ingenious auto-mute function to silence any noises in the process of switching. 

Steelhead’s LINE input eliminates the need for a separate line preamplifier as the VARI outputs allow external amps to be driven directly from the Steelhead.

Asides from its included PSU module, Steelhead also ships with a ‘Remora’ radio frequency remote control for ease of adjustment even through doors or walls.

Manley's STEELHEAD in lifestyle HiFi situ

Gain 4-step user adjustable, 50, 55, 60 and 65 dB active gain
RIAA Deviation < +0.5 / -0.3 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Dynamic Range 101 dB @ 1 kHz
THD 0.0042% at 1V output @1kHz
Max Input 50 mVrms = 17 Vrms output (MM), 39 mVrms = 17Vrms output (MC)
Max Output +27dBm @ 1KHz with 3% THD into 100 kOhm load
Output Impedance 150 Ohms fixed, 75 Ohms variable
Cable Length 1.65m
Dimensions 483 x 89 x 394mm (WxHxD)
PSU Dimensions 343 x 115 x 289mm (WxHxD)