Fostex TH616 premium headphones
Front view of the TH616 anniversary headphone from Fostex
Fostex TH616 Premium Headphones

Commemorating Fostex's 50th anniversary, the TH616 premium headphone is handcrafted from solid black walnut to reproduce remarkable audio while channeling traditional Japanese design.

£899.00 inc VAT
EAN 4995090309705

  • Solid black open-back walnut housing
  • BIODYNA diaphragm with bio-cellulose fibres
  • Robust magnetic circuit
  • Lightweight aluminium mechanical parts
  • Detachable connectors
  • High grade copper headphone cable
  • Superior comfort and exceptional sound isolation

Specifically chosen for its structural rigidity and exceptional acoustic qualities, the TH616's black walnut housing is carefully milled for each headphone to ensure exquisite clarity. Each opening in the outer cup deters resonance of particular frequencies to effectively eliminate modal vibrations.

Each TH616 features Fostex's specially designed magnetic circuit loaded with a 50mm driver unit offering a total flux density of 1 Tesla. This unlocks a wide dynamic range for listeners while minimising distortion during playback. Drawing on five decades of research and development, Fostex also blend bio-cellulose fibres into the headphone driver to ensure even higher resolution of mid to high frequencies.

TH616 headphones - celebrating 50 years of Fostex

Drivers Φ50mm Neodymium Magnet
Impedance 25 ohm
Sensitivity 96dB/mW Max Input: 1,800mW
Frequency Response 5 – 45,000 Hz
Weight 370g (excluding cable)
Cable 3m Y-type 2-pin with detachable connector
Connector 6.35mm stereo jack