Introducing LCR7 From Triangle

Triangle’s specialised range of in-wall speakers – SECRET – is powered by four decades of industry expertise and carefully honed acoustic science. Launching this month, the family’s newest member “LCR7” is a 2-way configured in-wall speaker suited to both stereo listening and home cinema installations.

Delivering Ultimate Flexibility

LCR7 is equipped with dual polypropylene membrane midrange bass drivers measuring in at 170mm and a single 25mm dome tweeter, adjustable to accommodate the best listening position possible from room to room. Thanks to this flexibility, LCR7 can take on the role of front, centre or surround channels with ease and operates at its best both in horizontal and vertical positions.

LCR7 can be oriented horizontally or vertically

3-way low and high frequency EQ band level adjustments can also be made to adapt the LCR7’s talents to the acoustic backdrop of any room.

Secret By Name

While many in-wall speakers may require protracted or invasive installation processes, the LCR7 measures in at just 10cm depth to ensure compatibility with a huge range of mounting surfaces, and also includes a special mounting template for ease of accuracy when positioning and making cuts.

LCR7's rear terminal and paintable grill

The LCR7’s magnetically attached protection grill is ultra thin and can also be painted to match and blend with the aesthetic of any room.


LCR7 speakers can comfortably handle up to 140W with an efficiency of 90 decibels making it a perfect match for a wide range of power and integrated amp models. Surge protection is built right into the speaker’s crossover, and push button terminals allow for easy connection of speaker cables measuring 1.5 to 5 square millimetres in thickness.

LCR7 used in a 3.1 all-Triangle speaker setup

With a mighty bandwidth of 60Hz to 20kHz, LCR7 is raring to reproduce the finest details of music and movies right out of the box.

Shipping March 2023

Triangle's full SECRET range including the LCR7 is now available to ship from France with a 1-2 week lead-time into the UK. For pricing and availability of specific models, contact the SCV sales team.

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