M45 Shortgun microphone from Audix
Audix M45 mic with operation light engaged
Audix M45 Shortgun Ceiling Condenser Microphone

M45 is an impressively compact condenser microphone suitable for wide-ranging installed sound applications.

£689.00 inc VAT
EAN 687471151129

  • Swivel and pivot design base
  • Optimised for vocal intelligibility
  • Compatible with Audix DN4 for Dante
  • Tool-less installation
  • LED activity control
  • Includes seismic/fire strain relief
  • Ships with RJ45 - Phoenix adapter
  • Designed and assembled in Oregon, US

The M45 condenser requires no tools for installation and can be fitted to a 1-1/2” hole.

Audix M45's adjustable ceiling mount

As a microphone designed specifically for use in venues such boardrooms and classrooms, the M45 has been tailored specifically for the job of vocal intelligibility. Thanks to its swivel and pivot design, the M45 is capable of clear and highly targeted recording even in busy environments.

Dante Compatible
M45's pheonix connector, adaptable to Dante and RJ45

By pairing with Audix's DN4 bridge, anything from one to four M45 microphones can be integrated into the Dante ecosystem via AES67. For non-Dante users, each M45 also includes an RJ45 to Phoenix adaptor for use with standard 8-way conductor pluggable terminal blocks.

M45 'short-gun' ceiling microphone from Audix USA

Frequency Response 85Hz - 8kHz
Output Impedance 150 Ohms
Sensitivity 98 mV / Pa @ 1kHz
SNR 72 dB
Max SPL > 124 dB
Dynamic Range 100 dB
Polar Pattern Super Cardioid
Weight 195g