Audix Announce DN4 and DN43 Dante AES67 Interfaces

Earlier this year Audix revealed two new additions to their installed sound range designed as corner stones for installed sound networks running on AES67 technical standards.

The Rise of RJ45

Audio distribution over Dante and AES67 protocols has seen a wild surge in popularity over recent years thanks to the availability of RJ45 connections in purpose-built professional buildings. Meeting rooms, convention centres and even venues as diverse as houses of worship and education facilities, all have access to Ethernet which has provided an excellent opportunity to audio manufacturers.

The Audix DN4 and DN43 are the company’s first interfaces to feature Dante and AES67 interfacing capabilities and support a multitude of RJ45 / Ethernet cabling standards from CAT5 to CAT7. Built to bring Audix's audio performance to wide integrated networks, both interfaces feature on-off contact closure across all input ports as well as LED status indicators.

Audix DN4 and DN43 Dante / AES67 Microphone Interfaces

Every audio channel features eight user-selectable gain levels along with high and low pass filter settings. Each of these variables can be set and tweaked from Audix’s proprietary software application available for download here.

Best Fits: DN4 or DN43?

Whilst both DN4 and DN43 interfaces will bring Audix quality audio to any installed sound network, input prerequisites may make an impact on which device institutions decide to choose.

The DN4 arguably features wider-scale connectivity with four individual RJ45 inputs, however each input is capable of accommodating only a single-element Audix analogue microphone per port.

In contrast while the DN43 features only two RJ45 inputs, one is capable of accommodating Audix's M3 ceiling microphones, providing a distinct advantage for tri-element mic users.

Plug and Play

Audix have taken great attention to ensure installation of their AES67 interface range is as versatile and straight-forward as possible. Each DN4 and DN43 product includes a pair of Audix's MNTDN brackets and mounting screws, a mounting system compatible with almost any surface.

Flash memory also ensures that in the instance of a power cut, custom settings are preserved saving technical teams hours of recalibration time.

Audix presenting the DN4 and DN43 interfaces at InfoComm 2019

Audix DN4 and DN43 interfaces are shipping now from the US. For pricing, availability and all spec enquiries relating to installed sound, contact SCV for further details.

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