SCV at Bristol HiFi Show 2023

After what seems like far too many years [it was 2], the Bristol HiFi Show finally returns in 2023 to the delight and relief of HiFi enthusiasts throughout the UK and abroad. This year promises to be a huge weekend for the best in home audio with more than 150 brands exhibiting their finest wares – including SCV!

To mark the triumphant return of one of our industry's favourite shows, SCV will be showing 6 revered HiFi brands across 4 rooms with competitions, exclusive show deals and special guests to boot. Let’s find out what goodies we’re in for...

Demonstration Areas

Room 322, 3rd Floor (Triangle / Manley)

An exquisite blend of high-end flavours from California to France, Triangle’s Magellan 40th Cello floor-stander – released with due fanfare in 2022 – will be on demo alongside the Duetto bookshelf model also from the Magellan 40th range.

Magellen 40th Cello, powered by the Manley Steelhead and Snappers

Providing power will be two valve-powered staples from US-manufacturer Manley Labs, the Steelhead phono stage and two Snapper monoblocks armed with two quartets of pristine EL34 tubes.

Also on display: Magellan 40th Quatuor floor-standers, Signature Delta floor-standers, Theta bookshelf speakers and Chinook Phono Stage and Stingray II from Manley Labs.

Room 324, 3rd Floor (Triangle)

Our second room is dedicated to Triangle’s award-winning AIO TWIN wireless speaker system. Visitors auditioning the system will be welcome to provide their own listening material from a source device or make use of Triangle's Turntable vinyl deck, perfectly optimised for use with the AIO series.

Triangle's award winning AIO TWIN with Turntable combo

Also on display: Triangle ESPRIT non-anniversary speaker models (Australe EZ, Antal EZ, Comete EZ, Titus EZ), AIO 3 Bluetooth speaker, AIO Connect multi-room compact streamer.

Room 326, 3rd Floor (IsoAcoustics)

In Room 326 visitors can experience the return of our hugely popular IsoAcoustics A/B comparison demo. Two sets of identical Antal 40th floor-standers will be auditioned, one featuring GAIA threaded speaker isolators and the other without. Listeners can switch back and forth to hear the incredible difference that IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology can bring to any system.

Antal 40th speakers powered by SPL's Elector and s1200 power amplifiers

Our Antals will be powered by an SPL Elector preamplifier and DAC, twinned with SPL’s delightfully clean s1200 power amplifier.

Also on display: Full IsoAcoustics range including ZaZen, OREA, DELOS, GAIA Titan, Aperta, along with the SPL Director Mk2 DAC and Phonos RIAA phono stage.

Room 328, 3rd Floor (Meze / Manley / SPL / EarMen)

Our headphone demonstration room will feature a relaxing and discrete listening area perfect for a break from manic show bustle!

The full range of Meze Audio headphones will be on demo including the flagship Elite, planar magnetic Empyrean, high-end LIRIC featuring isodynamic drivers and closed-cups, the instantly recognisable 99 Classics and of course Meze’s brand new 109 PRO dynamic open back headphones.

The full Meze range with EarMen and Manley sources will be available to demo!

A wide range of source equipment will also be on-hand for testing including the all-valve Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier, Phonitor XE and SE models from SPL, EarMen’s ‘Stack’ desktop listening system and ST-Amp headphone amplifier, along with EarMen’s portable audio headamp models Colibri and Angel


SPL will reveal a brand new ProFi product at Bristol HiFi Show 2023

SPL will also be debuting an exclusive brand new HiFi product for the very first time both for the UK and globally! Details to follow from Saturday 25th Februrary.

Show Deals

To mark the dignified end of Triangle’s widely revered Genese range, SCV and show organisers Audio T are offering once-in-a-lifetime discounts on each model:

  • Trio £1400 (was £900)

  • Quartet £1800 (was £2700)

  • Lyrr £2000 (was £3100)

SCV and Triangle will also be giving away an AIO TWIN wireless speaker system in our official Bristol HiFi Show prize draw – ask a member of our team for details on how to sign up at the show.

Finally, IsoAcoustics fans can bag an additional 20% off GAIA threaded speaker isolators, OREA component isolators  and ZaZen platforms for turntables and other components.

Special Guests

This year we are honoured to be joined at the show by a number of VIPs from our valued global HiFi manufacturers:

Paul Morrison of IsoAcoustics

Paul Morrison
Sales Director
IsoAcoustics, Canada
Ksenija Tošić of EarMen, Serbia

Ksenija Tošić
Sales Manager
EarMen, Serbia
Xavier Metzger of SPL

Xavier Metzger
VP Sales
SPL, Germany/France
Elodie Deveau of Triangle

Elodie Deveau
Export Sales Manager
Triangle, France

Event Details

The Bristol HiFi Show is 34 years old! Don’t miss its biggest outing yet...

  • Show dates:
    Friday 24th – Sunday 26th February 2023
  • Show address:
    Delta Hotels by Marriott Bristol City Centre
    2 Lower Castle St, Bristol BS1 3AD
    How to get there.

Details on ticket sales can be found on the official Bristol HiFi Show site here.

Want to Find Out More?

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