Triangle Magellan 40th Cello Speakers

Triangle Magellan 40th Cello Speakers

The second-largest model of the 40th Anniversary Magellan range, the Cello 40th’s mission is to channel the performance of Triangle’s original Grand Concert model into a compact 110cm 3-way floorstander.

£11000.00 inc VAT (pair)
EAN 3660216000101

  • 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker
  • 1x TZ2900PM-MG tweeter
  • 1x T16GMF100-V2 midrange
  • 2x T16GM-MT15-GC2-V2 woofers
  • Proprietary SVA LF driver membrane
  • Built-in LHS2 cooling system
  • Suited for rooms from 25 - 50m2
StereoNET Applause Award

"Strikingly beautiful, dimensionally agreeable and likely to have a high partner acceptance factor, it has a truly crowd-pleasing sound that should win it many friends."

Hi-Fi News - Outstanding Product

"Without a doubt they are a fitting celebration of both the visual style and technological prowess of one of France's most go-ahead brands. Clothed in Shadow Zebrano, they're absolutely striking."

Hi-Fi News
AV Forums - Highly Recommended Award

""This is a speaker that combines scale, tonal realism and joy in a cabinet that looks and feels every bit as special""

AV Forums
HiFi Pig - 5 Hearts

"Highly engaging, lively and detailed without being surgically dissecting, these are a joyful and generous experience with any style of music you want to feed them"

HiFi Pig

Cello 40th presents a listening experience of amazing scale, perfectly matched to any genre and never fatiguing to the listener. Thanks to its formidable power reserves, Cello is as happy to perform in intimate 25m2 spaces at lower volumes as it is in 50m2 working at its sublime full capacity.

Enhanced Detail
Magellan 40th Anniversary range tweeter driver

Cello 40th benefits from all of Triangle’s most up-to-date speaker technology prowess. The newly introduced TZ2900 tweeter features a next-generation magnesium alloy dome design perfect for heightening the detail from upper register harmonics, while a 16cm paper diaphragm mid-range delivers wide-range vocal reproductions with zero colouration.

New SVA-Equipped Driver
New Magellan 40th woofer design

Triangle’s chosen woofer for the 40th Anniversary Cello and Quatuor models features a new proprietary SVA membrane. Developed in part by the aerospace industry, the unique sandwich design that makes up the membrane’s assembly ensures a lightweight component with exactly the right level of rigidity for clean impulse delivery.

Cello from Triangle's Magellan 40th range

Sensitivity 90 dB/W/m
Frequency Range 35 Hz – 30 Khz (+/- 3 dB)
Low Cutoff 300 (12dB/Oct)
Treble Cutoff 2.6 (24dB/Oct)
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Min Impedance 3.4 Ω
Recommended Power 40-300W
Repetitive Peak 350 W
Dimensions 252 x 340 x 1080mm, 38.8kg