EarMen Angel Balanced DAC & Headphone Amp

EarMen Angel balanced DAC and headphone amp
Profile view of EarMen's Angel desktop DAC
EarMen Angel Balanced DAC & Headphone Amp

From portable audio experts EarMen comes a brand new high-resolution DAC and headphone amplifier wielding a fully balanced design and 2-cell battery for luxury listening while on the go.

£379.00 inc VAT
EAN 8606108569429

  • DAC and headphone amp
  • ES9038Q2M DAC chip
  • Fully balanced design
  • Balanced line out option
  • DXD Up to 768 kHz
  • PCM Up to 768 kHz
  • DSD @ 256 DoP / Native DSD 512
  • MQA Rendering OFS, MQA, MQA Studio

From the ground up, Angel has been designed as a fully balanced device to ensure no changes besides pure amplification are imposed on the audio path from start to finish.

Angel also boasts a wide dynamic range of 120dB for life-like realism during playback. By enabling EarMen’s unique Gain+ feature, power, volume and dynamics all receive a boost with the ability to fine tune volumes to accommodate headphones with both low and high sensitivity.

Multi-Format Support Built-In
EarMen Angel's headphone output and volume control panel

Finished in a palatial blue, Angel is loaded with ESS’s ES9038Q2M DAC chip for an ideal signal to noise ratio and minimal harmonic distortion. Thanks to the very latest in XMOS USB receiver technology, Angel can decode up to 768kHz or 32-bit PCM, DSD256 via DoP and even Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) file types.

Charged In Just 3 Hours
Output panel of EarMen's Angel amplifier

Under the hood, a two-cell dual 3000mAh battery can power the Angel for many hours and charge in less than 3. Separate USB charging ports are available on the unit’s side panel to serve data and power separately for continuous playback even when the battery is low.

Angel balanced DAC and headphone amplifier

Inputs USB C Female data+charging, S/PDIF, COAX/TOS
Outputs 3.5mm Single End, 4.4mm Balanced
Battery 2 x Li-Po 3000mAh
Supply Use 5V >= 2A adapter
Dimensions 152 x 27 x 66mm (LxHxW), 340g