Postponed: SCV at The UK HiFi Show Live 2022 Ascot

This weekend SCV return to the UK's longest-running high-end audio show at the incredible Royal Ascot Racing Club. Armed with a slew of exciting new products and even new brands, SCV aim to offer a formidable tour of some of the industry’s most impressive HiFi technology currently available, all in one grandstanding building.

Due to the current time of national mourning, the UK HiFi Show Live has been postponed. Further details will follow as soon as available.


What’s On Show

Manley Labs

This month SCV warmly welcomed Manley Labs to its portfolio of home audio brands. From the Headphone Zone, the Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier will be available for demo alongside several high-end headphone models from Meze Audio; while in suite 651-652 Manley’s Steelhead RC tube preamplifier and Snapper tube mono-blocks will be in full force as part of our Magellan 40th Anniversary demo display.

Manley Labs' Snapper tube monoblock hifi amplifier

Meze Audio

Fresh from its launch earlier in 2022, the 109 Pro open-backed headphone powered by 50mm custom designed drivers will be available to demo from the Panoramic Headphone Zone, along with established Meze high-end favourites EliteEmpyrean and the closed-back Liric.

Meze Audio's highly anticipated 109-Pro open-back headphones


From Triangle’s brand new Magellan 40th Anniversary range, SCV will be lucky to exhibit the Quatuor floor-standing and Duetto bookshelf models making their UK debut. Also on show in suite 653-654 will be Delta and Theta from Triangle’s Signature range, while in our adjacent suite 651-652; the AIO Twin, AIO3, Australe, Antal, Titus, Comete and Turntable models will all be on show in one of the biggest single Triangle collections ever exhibited in the UK.

A first look at Triangle's 40th Anniversary Magellan range (Quatuor pictured)


IsoAcoustics revolutionary acoustic isolation technology will be on show throughout our rooms including such models as the ZaZen turntable platform (651-652), Aperta speaker stands and Delos (653-654) component platform. For listeners keen to hear the improvements that IsoAcoustics can make to any audio system first-hand, do not miss the GAIA comparative demo featuring two sets of Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary floor-standers to experience the incredible difference IsoAcoustics isolators can make.

GAIA A/B comparative demo will be on show at the 2022 UK HiFi Show Live


In suite 651-652 and across the Panoramic Headphone Zone, some of German manufacturer SPL’s finest Pro-Fi components will be on show. The Director II Preamplifier/DAC and Performer s800 power amp will be on display as part of the IsoAcoustics comparative demo system, while the SPL Phonitors se, x and xe will also be available in the top-floor Headphone Zone alongside a full range of high-end headphones to satisfy every ear.

Director II from SPL - on demo at UK HiFi Show Live 2022


From Chicago based portable audio manufacturer EarMen come three new releases in 2022: the Angel DAC and headphone amp, CH-Amp desktop headphone amp and preamp, and Staccato - EarMen’s first foray into the streaming market. Each new product will be available for demo along with established models such as the Tradutto, Colibri, Sparrow and Eagle.

CH-Amp, 1 of 3 new products launched by EarMen in 2022

And Even More...

Portable audio fans can also sample the Bravado II, Hero, Legend EVO, Valkyrie II and Odin models from Empire Ears; Novafidelity’s X50D and X45Pro streamers will be in demo in suites 651-652 and 653-654 respectively, and finally a selection of our Benchmark converters including DAC3B, HPA4 and DAC3HGC will be available to demo as part of our Panoramic Headphone Zone display.

Special Guests

This year SCV are excited to welcome several industry VIPs to our demonstration rooms including Manley Labs’ Jean-Baptiste Lierre, Triangle Hi-Fi’s Elodie Deveau, IsoAcoustics Paul Morrison and EarMen’s Milomir “Miki” Trosic.

For attendees interested in show deals, contact any of the staff at our demonstration spots to be put in touch with our Ascot 2022 retail-partner Premium Sound.

Event Details

The UK HiFi Show Live, Ascot Racecourse
Grandstand High St, Ascot SL5 7JX, UK

10th - 11th September 2022

9:30am - 5:30pm Saturday
9:30am - 5:00pm Sunday

Ticket sales information can be found here. For any pre-show questions, contact SCV's Home Audio team.

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