SCV at UK HiFi Show Live 2023

The UK's longest running premier home-audio show UK HiFi Show Live will this month make a triumphant return to Ascot for another year. Held within the stunning architecture of Ascot's Racecourse Grandstand, the event serves to showcase the biggest and brightest names in luxury audio for audiophiles and enthusiasts, including demos, seminars and workshops.

For the 2023 edition of UK HiFi Show Live, SCV will be demonstrating the latest innovations from our flagship home audio brands across three specially curated listening spaces.

What's On

IsoAcoustics Room (649-650)

Regular UK show visitors will be well-acquainted with IsoAcoustics' hugely popular and fantastically revealing GAIA A/B demo. This year SCV will be demonstrating two identical sets of Triangle 40th Anniversary Antal floor-standing speakers, one fitted with IsoAcoustics GAIA isolators, and one with standard factory-fitted spikes. Using our simple switching system, visitors can quickly toggle to hear the remarkable difference GAIA can make to the clarity and soundstage of HiFi speakers.

IsoAcoustics, Manley, Triangle and IsoTek at Ascot 2023

Both sets of speakers will be powered in-turn by the Californian-made Stingray integrated tube amplifier from Manley Labs, using IsoTek V5 Sigmas power-cleaning mains cabling.

High-End Demo Room (651-652)

Meanwhile in our high-end listening space, we'll be exhibiting two Cello floor-standers from Triangle's flagship Magellan 40th Anniversary range. Driving these monoliths will be two all-tube Snapper mono blocks and a Steelhead tube preamplifier and phono stage Manley with both streaming and vinyl deck sources available.

Magellan 40th Anniversary Cellos, powered by Manley & IsoTek

Power to all components will be provided by IsoTek systems cabling and an EVO3 Mosaic Genesis mains conditioner.

Panoramic Headphone Area

In partnership with Hifonix, we are delighted to be exhibiting the finest HeadFi tools from manufacturers including Meze Audio, Manley Labs, EarMen, Empire Ears and Benchmark.

Meze's award-winning 109 PRO, Liric, Empyrean and flagship Elite models will be available for testing alongside Empire Ears' latest in-ear monitors including Odin, Legend EVO and newly released Raven model.

Find Manley, Meze and more at the Panoramic Headphone deck

From our range of amplification components, we're proud to present the all-tube Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier with all-triode/single-ended switching technology, the HPA4 and DAC3 HGC from Benchmark and the ST-Amp and EISA award-winning Stack models from EarMen.


On hand for expert product advice and support, SCV are delighted to be joined by four home audio industry VIPs from across distributed brands including Jean-Baptiste Lierre of Manley Labs, Bjorn Hegelstad of IsoTek, Elodie Deveau of Triangle and Paul Morrison of IsoAcoustics.

Paul Morrison of IsoAcoustics

Paul Morrison
Sales Director
IsoAcoustics, Canada
IsoTek's Bjørn Hegelstad

Bjørn Hegelstad
Senior International Product Trainer
IsoTek, Norway
JB Lierre of Manley Labs, USA

JB Lierre
Sales Director
Manley, USA
Elodie Deveau of Triangle

Elodie Deveau
Export Sales Manager
Triangle, France

Grandstand Deals

In true HiFi show spirit, special deals on will be available to all visitors throughout the weekend. For further details or for advice on any of our distributed lines, speak to a member of our sales staff.

Visitors are also invited to enter our IsoTek Giveaway Competition! Ask any member of SCV staff for a ballot to enter at the venue.

Show Details

The UK Hi-Fi Show Live
Ascot Racecourse
High St
Ascot SL5 7JX

Taking place Sept 29th – Oct 1st 2023

9:00am - 5:30pm Fri (Press Day)
9:00am - 5:30pm Sat
9:30am - 5:00pm Sun

Tickets can be purchased from the official UK HiFi Show Live Eventbrite page.

Want to Find Out More?

Call 03301 222 500 or drop us a line for more information on SCV or any of our distributed brands.