SCV At The Bristol HiFi Show 2020

This month the SCV consumer audio team return to the UK’s longest running Hi-Fi convention – now celebrating 33 years: get set for the Bristol Hi-Fi Show.

For the 2020 edition, SCV’s ground will span three locations including two demo rooms on the third floor, and a shared space on the main mezzanine area. Let’s have a quick run down to find out what’s where...


A longstanding and hugely popular attraction of the annual Bristol Hi-Fi Show, IsoAcoustics’ A/B comparison demo will be in full swing to exhibit the dramatic sonic improvement that GAIA isolators can bestow on floorstanding Hi-Fi speakers.

IsoAcoustics' GAIA A/B demonstration will be taking place in Room 324 - 326

This year the IsoAcoustics demonstration rig will consist of two sets of Focal Kanta No2 loudspeakers, a Novafidelity X50 Pro network streamer, Benchmark DAC3B and a an AHB2 Benchmark amplifier.

Also on display will be the full range of IsoAcoustics isolation accessories, including Aperta bookshelf isolators, OREA equipment pucks and their brand new DELOS turntable and component butcher’s block.

Find IsoAcoustics in Room 324-326 (3rd Floor)


In 2020 Novafidelity rebuilt their database remote control application entirely from scratch, culminating with the release of their MusicX Neo app for iOS and Android. To celebrate the launch of this new tool SCV will be demoing the whole range of Novafidelity’s X-Series network streamers including in the flagship X45 Pro, X50D, X45, X35, X14 and N15D. X50 Pro will also be available to check out on display in the IsoAcoustics space (see above).

The full Novafidelity X streamer range will be on demo at the Bristol Show 2020

Novafidelity’s first dedicated headphone amp – the HA500H – recently crowned with prestigious ‘outstanding product’ badge from HiFi News, will also be on demonstration paired with some of our specially chosen high-end headphones from the Meze Audio range.

Find Novafidelity in Room 324-326 (3rd Floor)

Meze Audio

Meze’s splash into the in-ear market in the last 2 years has been met with huge acclaim from the IEM community. At this year’s show, attendees will have the chance to test both the RAI Solo and RAI Penta models, along with Meze’s revered range of over-ears including the flagship planar magnetic Empyrean, the more affordable 99 Classics, and the sleek Black ABS-finished 99 Neo.

Experience the full range of Meze Audio headphones, including the flagship planar magnetic Empyrean

Find Meze in Room 324-326 (3rd Floor)


On the mezzanine adjoining the main entrance to the building, SCV will be sharing a space with our good friends at Naim Audio to show off the full range of Focal high-end portable and reference headphones. Closed back models including the Stellia and Elegia will be on demo alongside the open back Clear and flagship Utopia.

Focal's Stellia high end closed back headphones and Arche DAC and headphone amp

Also on display will be the Arche headphone amplifier designed by Micromega in France and featuring dedicated profile templates for each Focal headphone model.

Find Focal on the Mezzanine Level

Event infoFind SCV at the Bristol HiFi Show 2020!

Marriott City Centre Hotel, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd February 2020

10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Tickets available from WeGotTickets

  • Posted on 14 February 2020 by Roy Brockington