Focal Utopia Accessories Evolve

First introduced in 2016, Utopia is Focal’s flagship open-backed reference headphone designed meticulously with the most discerning audiophiles in mind.

In the past 3 years Utopia has been revered by the Head-Fi community and met with huge critical acclaim:

Focal's flagship Utopia open-back reference headphone featuring beryllium driversFocal has aimed for the moon when it comes to performance, directing its flagship offering straight at the very best the headphone establishment can manage. It has succeeded
– What Hi-Fi

A headphone worthy of its name and one that shows what’s possible when a firm like Focal turns its engineers loose to create the finest headphone they possibly can
– Hi-Fi Plus

Brimming with technological innovations and sound quality to die for. I love this headphone
– Innerfidelity

During this time, additional siblings have also been added to the Focal high-end headphone family including the open-back Clear and closed-back Stellia models, both of which include specially designed carry cases and a variety of optional cables.

In an effort to keep their ranges consistent, Focal have endeavoured to bring the Utopia’s accessory offerings up-to-date with revamped packaging and a new selection of swappable cables.

Originally Utopia shipped with a single, rubber finished 6.35mm jack cable. To cater for an even wider range of sources without the need for additional patch adaptors, Focal now include a 3m balanced cable terminated in a 4-pin XLR connection and a 1.2m braided mini-jack cable adaptable to 6.35mm with a screw on gold-plated attachment.

Focal Utopia now includes a 4-pin XLR and mini-jack cable as standard

Whilst the unboxing of Utopia was already a renowned and breathtaking experience - enjoyable even if we're watching someone else unbox them. Focal have now arguably taken the Utopia’s packaging up yet another level. Faux leather finishing to the outer display box ensures a housing almost as luxurious as the headphones themselves, and the hardwearing material resists scratches or marks whilst being stored.

Focal Utopia now includes faux leather packaging

Finally a rigid carry case, similar to Clear/Stellia but finished in a darker style weave, has been developed for ease of transporting the Utopias between locations. The case features custom fitted internal compartments not only to keep the headphones secure in transit, but also to provide dedicated alcoves for all necessary cabling and adaptors that listeners may want to take along the way.

Focal Utopia headphones pictured inside its new rigid caseThat’s the last straw - where do I get my Utopias?

Focal Utopia models are shipping with brand packaging and accessories today. For an up-to-date list of authorised dealers check out our Utopia Product Page or contact our consumer audio sales department directly.

  • Posted on 18 December 2019 by Roy Brockington