SCV Named UK Distributor for Sonarworks

SCV are excited today to reveal a brand new partnership with Latvian audio software manufacturer Sonarworks. Formed in 2012 by two music enthusiasts and a keen scientist united by a passion for good sound, Sonarworks have set out to transform the process of sound monitoring for creators and listeners alike.

The Problem With Sound Colouration

The number of products currently on the market for music listeners is immense: loudspeakers, studio monitors, reference headphones, floor-standers, in-ear monitors - the list goes on. However an underlying achilles heel and - in Sonarworks' opinion - the largest remaining problem in music playback, is colouration.

The basics of headphone and speaker manufacturing have changed very little over the past 4 decades, but the analogue constraints by which they operate means that a certain amount of colouration is inevitable. This suggests that a musical artist’s vision may never truly be realised by the listener in the way the musical creator intended.

Sonarworks To The Rescue!

Sonarworks Calibration Software Logo

Sonarworks’ specially developed software applications seek to finally bridge the gap between creator and listener by eliminating colouration and improving the process for audio creation and delivery.

Two distinct packages are available tailored to two different user groups:

Reference 4

It’s really cool in this world when you have your expectations met by something, and this particular software by Sonarworks really delivers. It does nothing but help your environment and help you make better mixes.

Dave Pensado, Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer (Larrabee Studios LA)

Used in over 30,000 studios worldwide, Reference 4 is a software package aimed at professional users on the creation side of music: musicians, producers and mixing engineers. The Reference 4 app can be opened either standalone for use with external playback programs such as streaming apps, video apps and web browsers, or directly inside your DAW as an AU, AAX, RTAS or VST plugin.

Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition in DAW Plugin Mode

“My initial reaction was that it sounded different - but then after 2-3 hours I realised I was already hearing more detail in the music, the stereo field was wider, and the 3D immersive depth was deeper. Everything was a lot clearer and easier to pick up”

Rik Simpson - Award Winning British Producer, Engineer, Songwriter (Coldplay, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Jay-Z and more)

Reference 4 available both as a studio package (for calibrating speakers and headphones) and as a headphone only version for mixing without speakers. The software enables users to eliminate guesswork,  give a new advantage to equipment without the necessarily needing to upgrade, and overall produce a clean mix - every time.

Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition. For an introduction to Sonarworks Headphone Edition click here.

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Sonarworks True-Fi software for consumer audio headphonesSonarworks also cater for music listeners outside of the professional setting. True-Fi is a software application aimed at solely for consumer audio users and aims to deliver music to listeners without colouration, as it would be heard at the point of conception in a recording studio.

True-Fi harnesses Sonarworks' unique sound processing engine along with high resolution filtering technology to profile and tailor a music delivery based not only on the listener’s individual age and gender (in line with global natural hearing loss research), but also on the user’s specific headphone make and model.

Over 280 consumer headphone models are already supported from major brands such as Focal, Grado, B&W, Meze and Audeze, and thanks to Sonarworks’ the list is growing all the time.

"True-Fi is a fascinating peek at what’s to come and certainly worth taking for a spin."

Mario Aguilar, Deputy Editor (Gizmodo)

Currently available as a desktop app, True-Fi mobile will be officially released for iOS and Android in 2019 and an early release beta is already available.

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Sonarworks’ philosophy of bringing producers and listeners closer together aligns perfectly with SCV Distribution’s dedication to better sound through pioneering audio technology for consumers and professionals, and SCV are hugely proud to bring this innovative software range to the UK.

For further information on Sonarworks or to become a stockist, contact SCV's Trade Sales team today!


I stand behind it, I like it, I’ve got a lot of friends who are using it - you’d be surprised… a lot of famous friends are using it... It does nothing but help your environment and help you make better mixes.

Dave Pensado (Larrabee Studios LA)

  • Posted on 2 January 2019 by Roy