Benchmark Media Announces DAC3 Converters

Over the last 4 years the Benchmark DAC2 has enjoyed a well-deserved reign as a highly regarded mid-range digital to analogue converter. Now on the brink of 2017 we welcome their latest advancement in the pursuit of premium audio greatness: the DAC3 range.

  • Posted on 16 November 2016 by Roy Brockington

ICMP Chooses Focal Trio 6BEs & Avantone MixCubes For New Recording Facility

It has been a busy year for The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance – 2016 has seen the ICMP attain the status of Learning Partner (ALP) with Avid, add world-class producer Jason O'Bryan to its workforce, and forge a partnership with the highly acclaimed Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.

  • Posted on 3 November 2016 by Roy Brockington

Questyle's QP1R DAP Bags New Awards

With universally outstanding reviews the Questyle QP1r DAP is revered not only for its good looks and superbly engineered finish but also for untouchable sound quality at the price. Here at SCV we were extremely proud to receive our 2016 CES Innovation and Design Awards, shown in the picture.

  • Posted on 28 April 2016 by admin

Visit SCV at Sound & Vision Bristol 2016 - Room 430

SCV will be exhibiting at the Sound & Vision show, in room 430 of the Bristol Marriott City Centre Hotel, this 26th, 27th and 28th of February. As a centre piece we will have two identical Benchmark Media Systems HRAs set up – DAC2 HGC, AHB2 amp and SMS1 speakers.

  • Posted on 10 February 2016 by admin

Fostex Redesign RP Series Headphones

The RP Mk3 headphones are successors to the reputed RP Mk2 series, further enhancing the T50RPMk2 driver. For more than 30 years, starting with the original T-series, they have served as robust, reliable and accurate monitoring headphones in professional recording studios worldwide. 

  • Posted on 25 August 2015 by admin

Is There A Difference Between Benchmark's DAC1 and DAC2?

Benchmark introduced the DAC1 in 2002 and it quickly became the best-selling 2-channel professional D/A converter. To this day, the DAC1 is a standard fixture in many recording studios, and it is also a central component in many high-end hi-fi systems.

  • Posted on 10 August 2015 by admin

Digital Audio Labs 'Livemix' Joins SCV Distribution

Livemix is a personal monitor system for both volunteer and professional users. Designed with innovative personal mix features and an intuitive interface, Livemix is the perfect blend of simple to use and professional features.

  • Posted on 19 March 2015 by admin

New Portable Preamp Boxes Announced By Millennia Media

Great news from Millennia - two tasty little boxes, at an attractive price point! The HV-32P and HV-35P bring the acclaimed Millennia HV-3 circuit transparency to the sub £1000 price point. Great looking and perfect for the modern DAW studio, or on the move.

  • Posted on 20 January 2015 by admin

How To Assemble Your IsoAcoustics L8R Speaker Stands

How to assemble your IsoAcoustics speaker stands to get superior clarity and accurracy from your audio system. With 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment the ISO-L8R series of stands will provide the optimum placement, isolation and focus for your studio monitors.

  • Posted on 27 June 2014 by admin

Focal Release Spirit Studio Monitoring Headphones

The Spirit Professional headphones are the direct result of Focal’s historical expertise in the design of high-performance transducers. In line with the French manufacturer’s monitoring loudspeakers, the Spirit Professional headphones ensure high-quality control.

  • Posted on 21 August 2013 by admin