Micromega’s MyZic is a dedicated headphone amplifier featuring a similar sound blueprint to the acclaimed MyDAC converter.

Designed as a versatile link between stereo systems and headphones, the MyZic is also a useful tool for users endeavouring to upgrade the signal path between their headphones and computer, TV, media player or mobile device.

MyZic’s primary L/R Phono input features a charge of 1MOhm to ensure no charge is applied to the source output, while a dedicated phono L/R output terminal is also available for direct connection to a separate integrated amplifier or active stereo speakers.

Compatible with all stereo headphones, the MyZic’s ultra-silent power supply unit maintains precision of audio signal, whilst a specially designed internal circuit compensates for any impedance or sensitivity fluctuations.

MyZic is armed with an industry standard Neutrik jack headphone connector and powers down after a threshold of inactivity in-line with EU regulations.

Main Features

  • Dedicated headphone amplifier
  • Same great sound as MyDAC model
  • Improves signal path between source and headphones
  • Dedicated speaker output
  • Neutrik brand headphone connector

Physical Properties

Net Weight:
140 x 150 x 35mm (LxWxH)


85-150 or 180-265 Vac / 50-60Hz


Headphone Impedance:
≥ 16Ω
12 dB for headphone with impédance ≥ 16 Ω.
≤ 0,005% on all audio range
SSP (inc VAT) £ 199.00
EAN 3760186790511