Fans of the Fostex TH900 Mk II are treated to yet another limited edition run model featuring custom tuning and a pristine Pearl White ear cup finish.

Built With Biodyna

The TH900 Mk II’s design draws on two unique Fostex-developed technologies, firstly their magnetic circuit featuring a 50mm driver unit with 1.5 Tesla of flux density, and secondly their proprietary Biodyna vibration plate; a diaphragm which offers huge dynamic range with very little distortion.

The combination of these specialist technologies culminates in a super rich sound of powerful low end, a gentle defined mid-range and a clear well rounded high-end.

Detachable Cabling

Fostex’s specially designed detachable cable port allows for easy switching of balanced and unbalanced cabling. Each TH900 Mk2 ships with a 7N grade cable made from OFC 7N grade 99.9999% oxygen free copper, sleeved in a durable duralumin material.

Anniversary Tuning

As with former special editions, the Pearl White model features ‘anniversary tuning’, a special curve inherited from Fostex’s Sapphire Blue TH900 Mk II model from 2018. 


50mm neodymium magnet / bio Dinah diaphragm


Frequency Response:
5 Hz - 45 kHz
100dB / mW
Maximum Input:
1,800 mW
Base Machine Mass:
390g approx

Physical Properties

Cable Length:
3m Y type 7N-OFC line (removable)


Diameter 6.3mm gold-plated stereo standard plug

Main Features

  • Limited edition Pearl White Uruish lacquer earcups
  • Gold emblem Fostex logo on each enclosure
  • Custom tuning featuring smooth and focused low-end response
  • Limited global production run
  • Neodymium magnetic circuit design for wide dynamic range
  • Proprietary Biodyna diaphragms
  • Detachable unbalanced 7N grade OFC cable
  • Protein leather made from eggshell membrane
  • Ships with headphone stand and leatherette pouch
SSP (inc VAT) £ 1,699.00
EAN 4995090309040