Continuing the reign of the hugely successful Legend X, Legend EVO from Empire Ears is a brand new IEM boasting an 8-driver configuration and bone conduction technology powered by EE's proprietary W10 'ultra driver.'

Two-fold conduction

Legend EVO tackles conduction from two fronts. A combination of W9 and armature drivers skilfully tackle the highs of 20kHz all the way down to 5Hz, while a new and specially situated W10 driver extends this range to 35kHz.

Both driver configurations utilise a different form of conduction to achieve this feat. W9 and armature drivers use air conduction, while the W10 concentrates purely on bone conduction for lower, deeper tones.

Through the Dual Conduction Architecture and our masterful tuning the Legend EVO reproduces the most immersive, pure and stereophonic sound possible.

Empire's secret weapon

The beating heart of the Legend EVO is Empire Ears' proprietary bone condution ultra-driver known as the Weapon X or W10 for short. 

Each W10 features a stainless SPCC steel chassis to eliminate resonance or colouration, an N52 magnet composed of a special blend of neodymium, iron and boron, and a Japanese-made pure copper voice coil for unprecedented frequency and transient response.

Empire Ears have also built in a unique vibrational membrane which serves as the interface between the magnetic and acoustic mechanics within the W10's design.

Legendary footsteps

As with the former Legend X variant, Legend EVO adopts Empire Ears' tried and tested ARC treatment throughout its chassis to reflect unwanted frequencies away from the IEM's shell and allow the tone of the drivers to shine.

Each Legend EVO ships with a 24AWG Ultra-Pure OCC copper quad-conductor cable terminated in a 4.4mm 'Pentaconn' balanced jack.


Frequency Response:
103dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
4.5 Ohms @ 1kHz


4.4 Pentaconn

Main Features

  • 2x W9+ subwoofers
  • 5x precision-balanced Armature drivers
  • 1x Weapon-X bone-conduction ultra driver
  • Proprietary ARC resonance reduction tech
  • 9-way synX crossover network
  • Dual-conduction architecture
  • PW Audio Genesis Ultra Pure OCC Copper Cable
SSP (inc VAT) £ 2,999.00