Designed in partnership with acclaimed high-end audio manufacturer Auris, the EarMen Sparrow is a high-performing USB digital to analogue converter, preamplifier and headphone amp rolled into one compact unit.

Flagship ESS Technology

Sparrow is powered by the ES9281 Pro DAC chip, the crown jewel in ESS’s range of conversion technology components. ES9281Pro  offers remarkable detail, clarity and precision audio performance at an amazing 124dB DNR. The ES9281 is also ESS’s first USB product to offer integration with MQA rendering for automatic detection on Master Quality Authenticated musical material.

In House From Boards To Chassis

To assure high quality performance and robust design every part of the Sparrow’s assembly is formulated in-house at EarMen’s research and design facility. From its CNC milled aluminium enclosure, to its transformers and PCBs, every step has been meticulously selected and optimised to deliver the best audio performance possible.

Thanks to its low-ESR Tantal capacitors, high grade power supply and 4-layer golden circuitry, incidental operating noise is kept to an absolute minimum allowing the finer details of higher resolution files to flourish.

Multi-Platform Compatible

Sparrow’s digital architecture supports up-to-the-minute streaming platforms including Tidal via iOS and Android smartphones, and Qobuz via iOS/Android, Mac and PC.

Thanks to its built-in adaptive drive, there is no need to install third party drivers. Simply plug in either directly to a computer via USB, or to an iPhone or Android smartphone via a lightning or micro to USB camera adaptor and experience new realms of audio clarity.


USB C female
2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm


Balanced Voltage:
2.0 Vrms @ 32 Ohm, 4.0 Vrms @ 600 Ohm (2.5mm)
Unbalanced Voltage:
1.4 Vrms @ 32 Ohm, 2.0 Vrms @ 600ohm (3.5 mm)
64 / 128 DoP
384/352.5 kHz
Up to 384 kHz
Rendering Up to 384 kHz
-112 dB
124 dB DNR

Physical Properties

42 x 8 x 22 mm (LxHxW)

Main Features

  • Balanced 2.5mm output power up to 4.0 Vrms 
  • 32bit/384kHz formats: PCM, DoP, DSD64, DSD128 and MQA
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android smartphones, Macs
  • Legendary SABRE DAC audio converter
  • HyperStream®II modulation provides ultimate in sound quality
  • Plenty of headroom with up to 4.0Vrms output voltage
  • Ships with 1x USB C (male) to USB C (male) cable
  • Plus 1x USB C (male) to USB A (male)
SSP (inc VAT) £ 189.00
EAN 8606108569245