A stunning piece of digital to analog conversion technology, Bricasti Designs’ M21 Platinum boasts three independent and user-selectable DA signal paths: 24-bit delta sigma, 20-bit ladder DAC and true single bit DSD.

As a continued evolution of Bricasti’s M1 Special Edition DAC and M12 dual mono source controller models, the M21 Platinum’s advanced architecture allows support for a wide range of digital and analogue input types, along with a direct output and hard-wire analogue attenuator bypass options enabling users to route the M21 directly to an external preamp.

The M21 Platinum is discoverable on any wired-Ethernet network as a DNLA device and serves as a powerful media renderer with pristine results even over longer distances, catering to even far-reaching AV and home audio layouts.


Sample Rates:
44.1 kHz - 192khz (AES, SPDIF, AUX)
USB Sample Rates:
44.1 kHz - 384kHz, DSD 64fs 128Fs as DoP
Ethernet Sample Rates:
44.1 kHz to 384kHz, DSD 128
8psec @ 48k / 6psec @ 96k
40 ohm
+16.5 dbm (5.2V RMS) @ full scale
Output Level:
90db in 1 db steps
D/A Conversion:
PCM 24 bit delta sigma 8x oversampling, DSD direct 1 bit, 384Khz ladder dac
Frequency Response:
10 hz- 20 kHz +0dB, -.2 dB @44.1k
Dynamic Range:
>120dB A-Weighted
.0008% @ 0dbfs / .0004% @-30dbfs PCM sigma delta< @ 1k


XLR (AES/EBU) 24 bit Single Wire, SPDIF (BNC), SPDIF (RCA), Toslink 44.1- 96k (Optical), USB 2
XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)

Main Features

  • Three independent signal paths
  • True DSD
  • DNLA discoverable
  • Powerful media rendering
  • Long distance data transmission without loss
  • True hard-wire analogue attenuator bypass
SSP (inc VAT) £ 20,499.00
Code BRC-M21P