New From NAMM 2019 Round Up

The NAMM professional audio trade show returned to sunny Anaheim, California last month and customarily the industry was treated to a torrent of new and exciting musical equipment innovations. In this piece we’ll take you on a quick-capsule review tour to highlight our favourite new picks from The NAMM Show 2019!

Avantone Pro

Last year saw the release of the CLA10 passive monitor and CLA200 power amplifier, an awesome duo built to reboot the classic design of the now-discontinued NS10. This year again in partnership with renowned mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge, Avantone proudly presented their latest evolutionary step in the CLA studio monitor range: the CLA10A (Active).

Avantone Pro present the CLA10a active NS10 replica at NAMM 2019 in Anaheim California

Avantone have also implemented brand new technology to capture and emulate the wide variation of NS10 design traits over the years. VTPC (or Variable Tissue Paper Control) is an emulation tool which adjusts high-end brightness to echo the frequency curve of the classic NS10M, NS10 Studio, and everything in between.

In true Lord-Alge style, the CLA10A features individually loaded class A/B amplifiers with a healthy serving of power.

Shipping Q2, 2019. Find out more...


Jacks of many trades, for several years Bricasti Designs have been developing a range of flawless power amplifiers for the HiFi industry. This year Bricasti introduce the M25, a dual mono version of the M15 packing a punch rated between the power of Bricasti's M15 and M28 Mono Block models. The M25 is designed as a perfect partner to larger scale soft-mounted speaker configurations, particularly in mastering applications.

Bricasti unveil the MC1 dual mono DA converter and M25 power amplifier at NAMM 2019 in Anaheim California

For engineers who aspire to a level of godly cleanliness in their conversion, Bricasti also presented a brand new MC1 Dual Mono DAC. The MC1 features 6 switchable inputs and support for cutting-edge formats such as USB, Toslink (ADAT) and Ethernet.

Shipping Q2, 2019. Explore the Bricasti range...

Black Lion Audio

Fans of the classic 1073 dark British console sound were delighted to see Black Lion’s new four-channel version of their acclaimed B173 Neve-esque analogue microphone preamp. The B173-QUAD features individual channel meters and is housed in a striking black 2U 19” enclosure.

Black Lion Audio's B12A QUAD and B173 QUAD 4-channel preamp models, on show at NAMM 2019 in Anaheim California

The Black Lion B12A has also gained a larger brother. The new B12A-QUAD preamp takes up only 1U of backspace, features four independent channels and is ably powered by class-leading Cinemag transformers.

Many will be aware of Black Lion’s side hustle as expert electronics modifiers with the ability to breathe new life into older audio equipment by upgrading internals such as preamp and conversion circuits. BLA-CV12 is one such product, now available off-the-shelf, and based on Avantone’s CV12 multi-pattern tube recording microphone. The BLA-CV12’s circuit has been redesigned from the ground up and features a flatter response, while the capsule and PSU components have also undergone modifications for even more vivid vocal and instrument capture.

Shipping Q2 2019. Explore the Black Lion range...


One of the stand-out highlights of this year’s NAMM show was Focal’s dramatic unveiling of their brand new flagship studio monitor: the Trio11 Be. The Trio11 is Focal’s largest powered studio monitor to date and features a highly impressive 118dB SPL, class G amplifiers and a frequency response ranging 30Hz to 40kHz.

Focal's brand new Trio11 Be 2 and 3-way studio monitor, preseted at Winter NAMM 2019

Several features have been inherited from Focal’s Trio6 model, including Focal’s inverted dome Beryllium tweeter, switchable (or foot switchable) FOCUS mode to switch between 2 and 3-way configurations on the fly while mixing. The almost intimidating specs of Trio11 Be are designed to make light work of the most demanding production, mixing and mastering applications in modern music-making.

Available March 2019.


Many will be familiar with IsoAcoustics’ ISO range of desktop studio monitor stands now seen in top studios the world over (ISO130, 155, 200 and ISO-Puck). This year the Ontario-based company introduced an offering specifically aimed at the guitarist community.

IsoAcoustics reveal their new isolating decoupler designed for use with guitar, bass and instrument amplifiers both live and in the studio! On display at NAMM 2019

Stage 1 is a brand new decoupling isolation product designed for guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Available in sets of four, each isolator can be connected either to the physical underside of a guitar amp/cab, or to a plywood board forming an isolating ‘plinth’ for the amplifier to rest on.

Available Q1 2019. Explore the full IsoAcoustics range...


This year Fostex presented their highly disruptive TM2 ‘modular' earphones. Fostex’s TM2 is a wireless in-ear pro headphone design boasting 12 hour battery life (almost twice the market average). Additionally, TM2s also have the power to make third party headphones wireless through the MMCX standard connector.

Fostex present their new TM2 modular wireless in-ear headphones for NAMM 2019

Whether users choose to listen to the commendable built-in earbuds or simply use them as a wireless vehicle for their existing MMCX-compatible headphones, TM2s make wireless listening in professional settings a breeze.

Shipping Q3 2019.

And that about wraps it up for another year!

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