CLA10A active studio monitors
CLA10A in vertical orientation
Avantone CLA10A Active Studio Monitors

CLA10A is the evolutionary follow up model to Avantone Pro’s hugely popular CLA10, a classic NS10M replica released in 2018. The CLA10A brings with it several innovative technologies to deliver the classic ‘white cone and black box sound’ whilst also meeting the needs of modern audio engineers in comparative mixing.

£1199.00 inc VAT
EAN 713541493414

  • Active Full-Range Two-Way Stereo Pair
  • 2x AV10-MLF 
  • 2x AV10-MHF 
  • 10.4L sealed 18mm MDF cabinet design
  • Real Wood Veneer finish
  • +0dB, -120dB volume
  • Variable Tissue Paper Control Fc 1.8Khz +6dB, -30dB.
  • Power switch
  • Ground lift switch
SoundOnSound Magazine

"To all intents and purposes it’s an active NS‑10, and if that’s something you’ve always hankered after, hanker no more"


Each CLA10A features a Class A/B amplifier, negating the need for a separate power amp. Avantone have opted for A/B and linear amplification over the trending Class D switch mode combination not only to retain traditional design integrity, but also to avoid compensating on their signal to noise ratio.

VTPC Technology
CLA10A's Tissue Paper control

The CLA10A aims to capture the sound of the various NS10 models over the decades by implementing VTPC or “Variable Tissue Paper Control” technology. The VTPC knob imposes a high-frequency curve which actively emulates the tweeter of the original NS10M model all the way through to the NS10 Studio.

White Cones in Black Boxes
CLA10A features Avantone's AV10 MLF and MHF drivers

AV10MHF and AV10MLF drivers have been inherited from the original CLA10 passive models. Now, powered by built-in amplification and rated at 200W per channel, the next generation Avantone CLA10A is a perfect addition for any modern mix studio configuration.

Active Avantone CLA10A - tweeter shadow shot

Frequency Response 60Hz-20,000Hz (Accessible Musical Range)
THD 0.05% At 1Khz, 1W
SPL 104dB
Max Output 110dB (Music Program Material)
Amplifier 200W Class A/B Linear Supply
Bass 18cm Cones
Treble 3.5cm Soft Dome
Dimensions 381.5 x 215 x 197.5mm, 18.5kg (per speaker)