Metric Halo Release v4 Plug In Range

This month Metric Halo proudly unveil a product-wide overhaul to their popular range of audio processing plugins. The appropriately named v4 family includes major modern updates to each existing tool as well as new additions to arrest the attention of even the most discerning mixing or mastering engineer.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

The Metric Halo v4 collection comprises ten fantastic sounding plugins capable of bringing new excitement to mixes, along with coherent efficiency to modern studio workflows.

Metric Halo's v4 Production Bundle including familiar names

Among the familiar names known to existing Metric Halo plugin users are Character for analogue distortion and saturation, Precision De-Esser for vocal/instrumental sibilance attenuation, Multiband Dynamics and Expander for compression/limiting and filtering respectively, Dirty Delay and HaloVerb for echo and reverb effects, Transient Control for attenuating transient attack and sustain, and finally ChannelStrip which borrows facets from each of its sibling plugs to create an all-in-one channel processor.

Almost without exception, ChannelStrip gets me where I need to go. I’d attempt to compare it to other similar plug-ins, but the truth is I only use ChannelStrip. To me, ChannelStrip together with Pro Tools is the console.

Serban Ghenea – Grammy Award-Winning Mix Engineer and Producer
(Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, The Weeknd and more)

New Arrivals

In addition to the v4 upgraded plugs, Metric Halo have also introduced two new additions which are immediately available and also included in the updated v4 Production Bundle at no extra cost.

Sonic EQ and SuperGate now included with Production Bundle v4

SonicEQ is a digital mastering equaliser, originally developed for LucasFilm's SoundDroid project and only now lovingly ported to the software realm by Metric Halo's team of dedicated engineers for the first time.

The EQ features 6-bands of fully parametric interpolated state-space equalisation which brings presence and clarity to any voice, instrument or mix it may come into contact with.

The MH Sonic EQ is an amazing box of EQ options. It has so many types of filters and EQ possibilities that cover a huge range of fixing and tone shaping tools. This is definitely an EQ that you will keep learning and be happy that you got it.

Maor Appelbaum – Mastering Engineer
(Faith No More, Yes, Meatloaf, Sepultura, Eric Gales, Starset)

Meanwhile Metric Halo's brand new SuperGate is a unique gating plugin allowing customisable attack and release curves along with sample-by-sample implementation for a truly natural sounding result that leaves non-gated frequency material to shine.

SuperGate takes all the risk out of using a Gate. The granular configuration options means that there is no worrying about losing your kick or snare when the drummer feathers the attacks. You don’t have to trade control for nuance.

Steve DeMott – Engineer / Producer / Songwriter / Musican
(1Tribe Collective, Sennheiser Pro Talk, Halo: Spartan Assault, Tom Clancy HAWX 2)

Available Now

Metric Halo v4 plugins are available individually and as part of the v4 Production Bundle with immediate effect. For further information or to find your nearest digital dealer contact our pro audio sales team.

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