Metric Halo SuperGate dynamic processing plugin
SuperGate from Metric Halo is available as a digital activation code
Metric Halo SuperGate Dynamic Processing Plug In

Metric Halo present their ground-up reimagination of the classic audio gate dynamics processor, delivering superior transparency and musicality.

£99.00 inc VAT
EAN 832081000859

  • Distortion free gating for modern workflows
  • State-machine based attack and release
  • User-adjustable curves
  • Look-ahead mode for delay compensation
  • SpectraFoo-powered integrated analysis
  • Threshold/hysteresis controls with hold time
  • Max attenuation control
  • Multiple built-in presets

SuperGate has been designed with two primary purposes, to find and isolate target sound while simultaneously determining whether to trigger a gate, attenuating unwanted signal while allowing other sounds to passthrough freely.

Uniquely, the SuperGate allows for customisable attack and release curves to hone in on the target frequency range. Adjustments can be made live during audition, with an additional visual aid from Metric Halo's WYSIWYG detector display.

Gating Reinvented
SuperGate's primary gating controls

Selected curves are saved as sample-by-sample instructions instead of more traditional expander parameters. When a trigger point is reached the instructions then modify the samples to describe the target sound and intelligently apply the gate.

Pure Musicality
SlateGate detector powered by Metric Halo's SpectraFoo

This unique approach ably avoids aliasing artefacts, negating the need for interpolation to correct them and the modulation or smear degradation that results. The audible benefits are immediately apparent during playback.

The SuperGate dynamics plug in from Metric Halo

Platform Mac OS X 10.10+ (Intel/Silicon), Windows 7+ 64 bit
Format AU, VST2-3, AAX
Authorisation iLok (2 activations per account)