Metric Halo Sonic EQ equaliser plugin
Sonic EQ is available immediately as a digital activation code
Metric Halo Sonic EQ Equaliser Plug In

Previously only available with specific DSP hardware support, Metric Halo are delighted to bring one of the world's most respected digital mastering equalisers hurtling to every major DAW with native support for AAX, VST and AU.

£99.00 inc VAT
EAN 832081000842

  • 6-band parametric interpolated State-Space EQ
  • 48-dB per octave across all parametric bands
  • Dedicated band for RIAA encode/decode
  • SpectraFoo spectrum and level metering
  • Scalable gain reduction meters
  • Multiple presets included
  • High quality signal processing for modern workflows
  • Praised by multiple Grammy-Award winning engineers

Each generation of Sonic EQ is designed around three essential principles for great equalisation: sound, precision and versatility.

Any material the EQ touches is achieves a new lease of life with improved presence, clarity and overall musicality.

Frequency content can be managed to a remarkably surgical degree, including high-order slope and filter-ripple control for both inward and outward bands.

Sonic EQ is adept across a wide ranges of different audio niches, including post-production, high-end mastering, studio tracking, sound design and even forensic restoration. Whichever application it is employed in, the Sonic EQ unlocks the power to get the right sound at break-neck speed, every time.

Going Native
Sonic EQ shown in Pro Tools as an AAX plug

Until 2024, Sonic EQ was only available as a DSP integration for Sonic Studio branded Model 30x audio interfaces. Now available as a native plugin for all major DAWs, Metric Halo's Sonic EQ has been revamped with a cleaner more navigable layout, spectrum analysis and convenient level metering displays.

Sonic EQ's RIAA and digital de-emphasis tools for restoration

Vinyl enthusiasts with be elated to find laboratory-grade filters for RIAA-standard encoding and decoding built right into a dedicated Sonic EQ band. Tools for early generation digital format transfer such as DC removal and digital de-emphasis are also on hand to make restoration as pain-free as possible.

The Sonic EQ digital mastering plug in from Metric Halo

Platform Mac OS X 10.10+ (Intel/Silicon), Windows 7+ 64 bit
Format AU, VST2-3, AAX
Authorisation iLok (2 activations per account)