Fostex's TH900 Mk II Turns Pearly White

The highly acclaimed Mk II version of Fostex's TH900 Mk II closed-back headphone has enjoyed multiple limited edition releases since its initial launch in 2012. Fostex launched a special Emerald Green model in 2017, followed by a Sapphire Blue finish model in 2018 to mark the headphone’s six year anniversary.

Fast-forward to 2020 and Fostex are proud to present an even more hotly anticipated limited run model.

Fostex's TH900 MkII models (left to right: Sapphie Blue, Standard Red, Emerald Green)Into The Cherry Birches

For those unfamiliar with the model’s construction, the TH900 headphone is designed around a unique neodymium magnetic circuit configuration. By adopting magnetic repulsion at an impressive 1.5 teslas of magnetic flux density, the TH900 is able to achieve a sizeable dynamic range.

Fostex’s proprietary Biodyna diaphragm technology is renowned for its high resolution and reproduction of the finest sound details. Two Biodyna drivers are installed in each TH900, protected by Japanese Cherry Birch cup housing.

True to their country of origin, each TH900 cup is finished in traditional Japanese ‘Urushi’ lacquer. The lacquer is designed by a 110 year old artisanal group, and gives every TH900 set a uniquely prestigious look and feel.

Each accessory chosen to accompany the TH900 has been meticulously researched to offer the best aesthetic compliment to the headphone’s design, as well as high durability. A 7N grade 99.9999% OFC has been included which is detachable from the headphones for ease of transportation, and protein leather ear pads have been selected to offer maximum comfort and enclosure isolation, even during longer listening sessions.

The Pearl Next Door

Fostex’s 2020 edition of the TH900 embodies the same tried and tested design traits of its predecessors, with a few exciting flourishes.

The well-known red ear cup coverings have been replaced with dazzling pearl white, while still featuring Fostex’s signature Uruish authentic Japanese lacquer. Additionally, the Fostex emblem logo on either cup has been refinished in refined gold as a better pearly-white compliment.

Fostex's new limited run TH900 Mk II in Pearl White

As with previous limited editions, the TH900 Mk II Pearl White (PW) also features a unique tuning to set its performance aside from the regular models. Users will experience smooth straight lows, a signature profile identical to the custom tuning used on Fostex’s previous Sapphire Blue model.

Limited To 200 Worldwide

Production of this model was originally planned at one hundred pieces, but due to overwhelming popularity the production run has now been doubled.

To get access to this fantastic one-of-a-kind high-end headphone, contact our Consumer Audio Sales department and act fast to secure your set while stocks last!


  • Posted on 5 November 2020 by Roy Brockington