Experience A Moment Of zaZen With IsoAcoustics

Today SCV are excited to reveal a new product from Canadian acoustic isolation innovators IsoAcoustics. The zaZen platform, available in two sizes with differing weight capacities, is an isolation block designed for HiFi components on the more sensitive end of the spectrum, such as turntables and tube amplifiers.

The zaZen II from IsoAcoustics - coming October 2020Sitting In Peaceful Meditation

Borrowed from Zen Buddhism, the name zaZen appropriately refers to the practice of sitting in peaceful meditation. Appropriately thanks to its low noise floor, the IsoAcoustics zaZen platform allows listeners to truly zone out to revel in the newly revealed finer details within their music.

Strong Fibre Construction

zaZen is built from a dense fibre material that does not include voids to provide stability and consistency in support of operating HiFi components. Coupled with IsoAcoustics patented isolation feet recessed into the body of the block, zaZen allows for a high degree of isolation and greatly reduces structural borne interference.

This intelligent combination allows HiFi components to perform at their very best and helps to reveal a far greater depth and clarity to musical material.

zaZen from IsoAcoustics, an isolation platform for sensitive hifi components

After the success of our DELOS platforms, we wanted to make a smaller platform designed for lighter turntables and hi-fi components. We are excited for the release of zaZen because we have been extremely happy with how it performs. It’s affordable and very effective. We can’t wait for people to try it for themselves.

Dave Morrison, Founder – IsoAcoustics

Available Oct 2020

zaZen I and II models are shipping this month and will arrive in the UK for October 2020. For further specifications, pricing, or to become a dealer contact SCV’s consumer audio sales team.

  • Posted on 14 September 2020 by Roy Brockington