SCV To Distribute Atlas Zeno Cables For The UK

From 1st September SCV are pleased to announce a newly forged partnership with high-end audio cabling company Atlas Cables based in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

SCV’s product portfolio already features a healthy presence of high-end headphone brands such as Focal, Fostex and Meze. By adding distribution of Atlas Cables as manufacturers of high-quality handmade audio products including headphone, SCV aim to offer even more value to UK HeAtlas's Zeno Harmonic CableadFi enthusiasts and boost already great listening experiences to even loftier realms.

SCV is the perfect partner for Atlas in the personal audio market, given the great job they do distributing premium headphone brands such as Focal and Meze Audio.

The focus that SCV can put on personal audio means that we can concentrate our efforts within the Hi-Fi and custom install markets.

Martin McCue, Sales Director – Atlas Cables


About Atlas Headphone Cables

Since the introduction of the original Zeno range in early 2016, Atlas headphone cables quickly gained rolling acclaim from the Hi-Fi press for their sonic proficiency and exquisite detail.

Now in 2020, the Zeno Grun Harmonic upgrade cable range is a favourite choice for many audiophiles hoping to get even more from some of the world’s most revered high-end headphones.

From September 2020 Atlas Zeno headphone cables will be distributed by SCV Distribution in the UK

SCV’s aim is to expand the reach of Atlas Cables in the UK and illustrate the value of  high-quality aftermarket cabling accessories to headphone retailers and users alike.

For many years we have admired the Atlas range of products. The technology and build quality is second to none and we know our customers will appreciate the offering. We look to build on Atlas’s dealer network and develop personal audio centres where consumers may experience the worlds best headphones and accessories

Matt Esau, Head Of Hi-Fi Sales – SCV

Available From 1st September

All Atlas brand headphone cables are still manufactured by hand in Scotland, incorporating any configuration of lengths and connectors that audiophiles may desire.

For further information on pricing, availability and cable configurations, contact our consumer audio sales team.

  • Posted on 3 September 2020 by Roy Brockington