Listen Deeply With Spring Focal Arche Bundles

While the lockdown is in place, more and more people are rediscovering music listening and, according to Forbes, listening tools geared towards so called 'deep listening' are seeing a particular boom.

For music lovers aiming to achieve the very best listening experience possible, or simply to add a dash of luxury to their audio set up, SCV and Focal have teamed up to offer some unmissable promotional bundles featuring specially selected sets of high-end headphones paired with the Focal Arche dedicated DAC and headphone amplifier.

Perfect partners

Thanks to the Arche’s unique profiling technology, every model from Focal’s high-end headphone range can be individually catered for by selection through the Arche amplifier interface. By selecting Clear, Stellia or Utopia, Arche applies a set of custom variables including for equalisation and dynamics to ensure the headphones perform as they are truly meant to be heard.

And so to the deals...

Save almost £900 on Focal Clear and Arche this May in 2020Clear + Arche £3893 £2999

Introduced to Focal’s range of high-end headphones in 2017, Clear is a fully open-backed reference headphone designed for listening in quieter or home environments.

Each set of Clear headphones features a solid aluminium yoke which moulds the shape of the frame to accommodate different face shapes, whilst 20mm memory foam ear cushions provide exquisite comfort even during lengthier listening sessions.

Clear are capable of producing dynamics and nuance worthy of high-fidelity speakers and are perfectly accommodated by their own custom Arche performance profile.

RRP £3893, May Promo price £2999

Save over £1000 with the Stellia and Arche headphone combo this May 2020 with FocalStellia + Arche £5398 £4099

Stellia currently hold the title of Focal’s highest-end luxury closed-back headphones and feature Focal’s newest generation electrodynamic speaker drivers and M-shaped pure Beryllium domes. The result is unearthly bass articulation and an enlightening high-end. Keith Howard of HiFi News put it more eloquently than we could:

"The sound balance is full and forward and swathes of detail can be heard that you may not have noticed before in your collection." HiFi News – May 2019

Thanks to their closed cups and resulting isolation Stellia can be enjoyed even in less than ideal environments, and Arche is readily equipped with a custom profile ready to power them.

RRP £5398, May Promo price £4099

Save over £2k on Focal Utopia and Arche this May 2020!Utopia + Arche £6998 £4599

For home listeners looking to reach just that little bit further for audiophile nirvana, Focal present their flagship globally renowned Utopia open-back reference headphones.

Utopia are designed with the goal of providing an uncompromising high-fidelity speaker listening experience and feature an unprecedented 5Hz - 50kHZ frequency range. By utilising the purest Beryllium ‘M’ drivers, Focal’s engineers were able to bypass the use of crossovers and even passive filtering processes to produce a truly pristine audio canvas worthy of even the most discerning listeners.

Paired with Focal’s Arche featuring a custom Utopia listening profile, we can’t think of a more desirable home listening configuration on the planet.

RRP £6998, May Promo price £4599

The spring Arche Bundles promotion will run until midnight on the 31st of May. For access to these fantastic deals simply get in touch with your nearest Focal UK retailer or contact SCV for further information.

What to play first?

Just purchased your Focal high-end headphone bundle and wondering what material to adequately christen your new cans with? What Hi-Fi have produced a specially curated ‘Lockdown Playlist’ featuring such greats as Fleetwood Mac, Bobby Womack and Iggy Pop – all material worthy of a first Focal play.

Bag an amazing deal this May with Focal


  • Posted on 6 May 2020 by Roy Brockington