Focal Elegia Highly Commended by HiFi Plus Magazine

Focal’s Elegia headphones have been presented with a "Highly Commended Award" by UK print publication HiFi Plus.

The first of Focal’s closed-back models to be introduced to their high-end headphone range, the Elegia embodies many design traits as well as trickle down technology from its HiFi Plus Highly Commended Award presented to Focal's Elegia closed-back headphonesopen-back siblings.

Elegia’s driver utilises a surround similar to that of Focal’s Clear model with an adjusted thickness of 110 microns. This allowed the manufacturers to reduce coil height from 5 to 4mm and improve the driver’s movement. To increase the magnetic flux of the driver, Focal also switched to a new copper wire and N50 grade neodymium motor.

Announcing the award for Elegia in a late issue of 2019, HiFi Plus praised the headphone for its versatility when paired with a variety of sources both at home and on the move...

With a published sensitivity of 105dB and 35Ohm impedance the Elegia can be driven successfully by even a smartphone, and its closed-back architecture lends it to top-notch listening on the move, and the Elegia's bass response is more like an open enclosure design. Wonderful stuff!

Focal's Elegia closed-back headphones, presented with HiFi+'s highly commended award 2019

Check out HiFi Plus’s full review of the Focal Elegia here, or for more information on Elegia including availability in the UK drop us a line.

  • Posted on 27 February 2020 by Roy Brockington