IsoAcoustics DELOS: The Floating Island

At this year’s High-End Show in Munich, IsoAcoustics revealed a brand new product designed specifically for use with high fidelity turntables.

IsoAcoustics DELOS isolation platform: "The Floating Island"IsoAcoustics understand that record decks are built to pickup even the finest details from vinyl during playback, and as such the stylus navigating tiny groove variations maybe exposed to structural resonance or vibration from the surface below the turntable itself.

Their newly designed solution, DELOS – aptly named after the floating island from Greek Mythology (more on that here if you’re curious) – is a new isolating platform composed of a 1.75 or 3 inch butchers block, supported by 4 or 6 decoupling iPuck attachments.

When installed beneath any turntable, DELOS removes vibrations from the deck's underlying surface, allowing more detail and overall clarity from the musical material to flourish.

The DELOS butcher's block maple topAvailable in two thicknesses, the larger 3” butcher block provides extra mass to more effectively reduce structural vibrations and interference. DELOS is also a particularly useful tool for turntables with an external motor as they can support the turntable and motor at the same level of height.

Each DELOS model is available in both real-wood solid walnut and maple to present more choice when matching an existing system or room's aesthetic.

DELOS & Hi-Fi Components

Along with turntables, the DELOS range can also provide effective isolation for the operation of Hi-Fi components. The extra mass provided by the butcher’s block design effectively complements the iPuck isolators to reduce structural vibrations and allow the component to operate unmarred by resonant misinformation.

For a slightly lower profile and scalable solution for components the OREA range of IsoAcoustics isolators are recommended.

Turntable shown in profile isolated with the IsoAcoustics DELOS in Maple

Shipping June 2019

IsoAcoustics’ Maple DELOS models will begin shipping this month, whilst Walnut DELOS models are destined to arrive by Summer 2019. For more information on DELOS and other IsoAcoustics products, contact the SCV Consumer Audio Sales team.

  • Posted on 7 June 2019 by Roy Brockington