Hi-Fi Choice Recommends The Novafidelity X14

In a recently published review from Hi-Fi Choice (issue 446) Editor Lee Dunkley turned his attention to one of Novafidelity’s most compact streaming devices: the X14. Whilst all-in-one streaming is still a fairly young branch in the grand evolution of Hi-Fi, Dunkley was quick to note the growing popularity of one-box music systems and the role that Novafidelity and other key manufacturers have been playing.

Novafidelity's compact X14 all-in-one music systemPutting the system through Dunkley paid particular attention to the grace with which the X14 quickly imports new material:

The ripping software is as slick and as fast as I’ve seen from any other Novafidelity model – you can specify the format and quality of the rip from the setup menu, accessed using the navigational controls on the front panel or remote handset.

It’s a slick and satisfying process that’s strangely addictive as each rip is tagged correctly and added to the internal storage to build a library.

Once ripped, Dunkley auditioned a range of material through the system including Nils Frahm's 'Sunson' and the album 'Automatic For The People' by REM. Michael Stipe’s vocals, the author commented, were offered a particular rewarding stage when played from the system, assisted by Monitor Audio Silver 1 sound-mount speakers:

The X14 doesn’t short change you in any way, and the quality of the ripped version compares as close to the original as expected, and expertly conveys all
of the album’s mix of sombreness, melancholy and playfulness.

The Novafidelity X14 has been awarded Hi-Fi Choice's Recommended sealOverall, Hi-Fi choice praised the X14 for its wide ranging functionality considering its 18 x 15 x 10 cm chassis, applauding its well thought-out interface, streaming service support and elegance of design.

Engaging sound, ripping and networking capabilities – a great little network music system aimed at those that are short on space.

The Novafidelity X14 has been awarded Hi-Fi Choice’s 'Recommended' seal. Read the full review via digital copy here:

Neat Petite – Hi-Fi Choice reviews the Novafidelity X14 / Issue 446

To find out more about the X14 contact the SCV Hi-Fi Sales team or check out the X14 product page.

The Novafidelity X14 and its optional external CD ripping drive


  • Posted on 12 April 2019 by Roy Brockington