Presenting the Novafidelity HA500H

At the Bristol Hi-Fi Show this month SCV will be proud to present the latest audiophile innovation from Korean manufacturer Novafidelity: the HA500H.

A veritable Swiss Army knife of audio, the HA500H is a hybrid headphone amplifier with built-in digital-to-analogue conversion, and a preamplifier, all with a-synchornous USB DAC functionality.

Novafidelity's HA500H true hybrid headphone amplifier

Featuring both ECC82 vacuum tube and transistor operation amplifiers, the HA500H allows users to switch between valve and solid-state op amps depending on their personal preference, or to better match specific musical material.

Novafidelity's HA500H headphone amplifier back panel featuring a comprehensive array of digital and analogue inputs and outputs

The Novafidelity HA500H is equipped with not one, but two powerful 32-bit Sabre ES9018K2M digital-to-analog converter chips capable of powering each audio channel separately. This configuration increases overall dynamic range and noticeably boosts quality of sound reproduction.

HA500H features both solid-state and valve circuitry which is user-switchable

The HA500H will be available to try for the first time in the UK at the Bristiol Hi-Fi Show (22nd – 24th February 2019) located in Foyer 1b.

Check out the HA500H headphone amplifier at the Bristol Show 2019!

Novafidelity are a Koren high-end audio manufacturer specialising in innovative home music and AV streaming solutions. Explore their full range here or contact SCV's Hi-Fi Sales Team for further information including pricing and availability.

  • Posted on 12 February 2019 by Roy Brockington