Fostex Release TH909 Premium Headphones

Last month Fostex announced a brand new high-end headphone product building on the success of their TH900MK2 closed-back model. Their new model aims to retain the same sound characteristic whilst adopting an open-back design: presenting the new flagship TH909.

Fostex's TH909 premium listening headphone profile viewThe TH909 takes advantage of a number of cutting edge technologies including Fostex’s proprietary ‘Biodyna’ diaphragm materials capable of producing an exquisite frequency response.

The headphone utilises a 1.5 Tesla 50mm driver equipped with a repulsion magnet for excellent dynamic range (even wider than previous TH900 MK2 models), whilst the newly developed open-back construction design allows the headphone to increase its sound field even further.

The headphone’s outer structure consists of double layer etching metal grills to diversify resonance points, Japanese lacquered Bordeaux cup housing, and a custom rhodium plating for detachable parts to prolong use and avoid corrosion.

The Sa-kamoto Urushi Factory, where the TH909 cups are manufactured

The detachable connector is compatible with both balanced and unbalanced connectors, and TH909s will ship with a custom unbalanced 7N grade high purity OFC Copper cable as standard.

Finally - a point on comfort. Each TH909 is fitted with a pair of newly designed Fostex ear pads featuring a low-resilience cushion. The new pads have been specially design to achieve maximum comfort for long stretches of time and to improve overall audio performance during playback.

Fostex's TH909 premium reference headphone side and underside view

For specification queries contact SCV or check out our TH909 product page to find your nearest dealer!

  • Posted on 29 November 2018 by Roy Brockington