Focal Release Utopia & Questyle QP2R Bundle

Revered speaker and headphone company Focal JM-Lab have teamed up with Shenzhen audio manufacturer Questyle Audio to present a high-end headphone and high-resolution digital audio player combo that offers a gold standard in personal listening experience.

Focal's flagship Utopia open-back reference headphonesFocal’s Utopia is a truly unique headphone product. Entirely open-back and featuring exclusive full range drivers made from Beryllium in a special M-shaped dome, the Utopia provides the equivalent of two legitimate loudspeakers sized-down for your ears. The results in use comprise a masterclass in dynamic nuance, striking realism and unrivalled clarity.

Questyle Audio meanwhile have been widely known over recent years for for their patented Current Mode Amplification, a proprietary technology that amplifies modulating current rather than voltage. The low distortion, wide bandwidth results have been well received by audiophiles, and the technology has found its way into a range of different Questyle niches including DACs, headphone amps, and of course their flagship digital audio player - the QP2R.

Perfect Partners

As a pair, the Utopia and QP2R form an ultimate personal listening machine. Questyle’s QP2R features an intuitive interface and a hefty chunk of internal storage (also expandable by MicroSD) for high resolution playback, whilst the Utopia’s unique drivers serve as the perfect canvas of clarity to reproduce your chosen musical material. Questyle have also tweaked the headphone impedance of each Utopia-bundled QP2R to further improve noise and distortion figures when used with Utopia.

Focal Utopia & Questyle QP2R Bundle

Utopia & QP2R bundles are now available in the UK and can be sourced from the following dealers:

Contact SCV for further information or check out our Focal/Questyle product page for more specs.

  • Posted on 23 October 2018 by Roy Brockington