IsoAcoustics Extends OREA Family

On a continuing mission to systematically free your hi-fi system from parasitic vibrations, IsoAcoustics have this month announced a new model which will extend their isolation stand family to cater for an even greater variety of hi-fi equipment.

A Brief Iso Catch-Up

IsoAcoustics originally entered the Hi-Fi market with Aperta an isolating speaker stand for bookshelf speakers which harnessed IsoAcoustics’ patented design to enable the speaker to ‘float’ in free space and avoid upward reflections from the underlying surface (desk, shelf or otherwise).IsoAcoustics GAIA floorstanding Hi-Fi speaker isolators

Evolving this technology IsoAcoustics next developed GAIA, a set of retrofit style feet which replace the spikes included with most larger floor-standing speakers. GAIA’s design raised speakers up from the floor eliminating resonances caused by vibration from its surface and neatly avoiding any incorrect frequencies from becoming centred - a phenomenon know as smear (just as unhelpful as it sounds).

Skip forward to early 2018 and IsoAcoustics set their sights one step further considering Hi-Fi components and separates. The ‘OREA’ range originally comprised two models (Indigo and Bordeaux). Indigo specified a weight cap of 7.2kg great for separates like turntables, whereas Bordeaux catered for weights up to 14.5kg for components such as power-amps and other heavier separates.

IsoAcoustics Bronze Hi-Fi component isolator supporting up to 3.6kg of weight

The Bronze Age

Despite the welcome reprise of vinyl in recent years, the trend in digital audio is still a healthy concern, and one of the trademark specs for many DACs, headphone amps and even CD players is lightweight compact design. With the release of OREA Bronze, IsoAcoustics seek to accommodate precisely this type of product.

OREA Bronze measures in at 50mm by 29mm and has a suggested weight limit of 3.6kg per unit. A set of 4 pieces therefore, would accommodate up to 14.4kg of distributed weight.

IsoAcoustics OREA range - Bronze, Indigo and Bordeaux

OREA Bronze will be landing in the UK this quarter (Q4, 2018). For preordering information contact your nearest IsoAcoustics stockist or drop us a line to source your nearest authorised dealer.

  • Posted on 18 October 2018 by Roy Brockington